The More Things Change..

OU Sooners Girl

As Promised, Titays..

So the Big 12 is now The Medium Sized 10 or whatever you want to call it.

All that remains are shades of the glorious Big 8 mixed with pieces of a messy Southwest Conference—elements of the past blended together to make a new drink called the "realigned" Big 12. However, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Playing in Norman will still be tough. Click the jump to find out why...

In his 11 seasons as the head coach of the Oklahoma football Sooners, Bob Stoops is 66-2 at home in Norman. SIXTY SIX AND TWO! Mack Brown is just a weak ass 60-6. What a joker...

Bob Stoops and Mack Brown

Are you shittin me Stoopsie?

Frankly, this is a stat that seems almost unreal, but it is the real deal. If you're not Josh Fields, Les Miles, Rashaun Woods or TCU in 2005 -- you likely don't know what it's like to win in Norman. If you're not Kansas State (swear) you've likely never won in Austin.

Additionally, OU currently has the longest home winning streak in the nation at 30 games. Though the Longhorns have won the most games in conference since the inception of the Big 12 in 1996, it is the Sooners that have the most Big 12 championships at six. This means they've won 43 percent of ALL Big 12 titles—yet another mind-boggling stat.

So, if your team is playing OU in Norman or Texas in Austin, it will most likely be your toughest game of the year.

Which brings me to this..

The Red River Rivalry = Homer Call of the Century!!!

Red River Rivalry

Homer Call!

OU/TX is arguably one of the best rivalries in all of college football. Two programs rich in tradition and championship banners, it's a football tradition to be cherished.

That said, for the rest of the Big 12, the neutral site of the game is a huge advantage for the two programs that lead the Big 12 in winning percentage and championships won.

Darrell K Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium is no easy place to be the visiting team and as previously discussed, Gaylord Memorial is THE toughest place to visit on the road! This is not just in the Big 12 either, but in all of college football!

So, it is my opinon that the neutral site of the red river rivalry is worth a lot more than just the Big 12 crown. It means that neither team has to play each other on the road. Can you imagine not having to play your biggest rival on the road? Ever?!?!

Mack Brown Horns Up

I aint going to Norman! Yee Haw!

This is a huge advantage to both programs. It's one fewer road game in a hostile, tough environment. It's an evenly split crowd at the Cotton Bowl. It's more games in Austin and Norman for the teams in the old North. (Although Snyder is loving this) And with 10 teams, the advantage will be even greater.

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