Big 12 Running Back Ranking: Week 6

Here's my take on the status of Big XII Running backs after 6 weeks of play.

1. Roy Helu Jr.Rex Burkhead, Taylor Martinez, Nebraska - 408 yards, 5 TD's on 34 carries 

The Nebraska rushing game is officially insane. Helu and Burkhead are the official "running backs" but their 19 carry, 167 yard, 1 TD night was overshadowed by Taylor Martinez's 15 carry, 241 yard, 4 TD night. The Huskers now have the Longhorns in Lincoln and it's a game that's been circled up there for a long time. I don't expect this train to slow down any time soon. Certainly not this weekend.

2. Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State -  126 yards, 1 TD on 28 carries

A strong performance from Hunter on the road. There's no question that we are a better team when Kendall is getting carries. He should be up for a big game this week against Texas Tech.  We'll have to run the ball well if we're going to escape with a win.

3. Demarco Murray , Oklahoma - OFF

Murray will face an Iowa State defense that can be stingy against the run. However, they just gave up 68 points to Utah at home.  Shouldn't be much of a problem.  

4. Daniel Thomas, Kansas State - 63 yards on 22 carries

Thomas is starting to feel the pressure of being the only weapon on a bad team. The Wildcats have no passing game to speak of and that translates into disaster for the running game. Thomas has not had a touchdown is his last 2 outings and he's losing about 1.5 yards a week on his YPC average. It was 2.9 against the Huskers. He'll look to get back on track Thursday night in the Sunflower Showdown.  

5. Christine Michael, Texas A&M - 79 yards, 1 TD on 18 carries

If I'm an A&M fan, I'm wondering why my best player is getting less than 20 carries. Michael had a decent game but you've got to wonder if he could do more with more action. I look for him to have a good game this week against a fairly soft Missouri run defense.

6. Alexander Robinson, Iowa State- 45 yards. 1 TD on 12 carries

12 carries this week, 12 carries last week. The current ISU depth chart  for OU says Alexander Robinson OR Jeff Woody OR Shontrelle Johnson. Yikes.

7. Rodney Stewart, Colorado - 91 yards on 18 carries

Colorado got drilled but Stewart still managed 5 yards per carry. He'll look to improve this week against a Baylor team that gave up big yardage to Texas Tech.

8. James Sims, Kansas- OFF

Sims spent the week off  looking forward to playing a defense that just gave up 400 + yards rushing.

9. Fozzy Whittaker, Texas - OFF

Nebraska just shut down a very, very good running back in Thomas. Hard to imagine the Texas running game will have any more luck.

10. Baron Batch/Eric Stephens, Texas Tech- 149 yards, 2 TD's on 31 carries

Texas Tech ran the ball a lot against Baylor. Hopefully that trend will continue against the Cowboys as more run = less pass. Right?

11. Jay Finley, Baylor - 45 yards on 13 carries

Nothing to see here. When the Bears need a TD in the red zone, they look to their QB.

12. K Lawrence, H Josey, M Murphy D Moore and B Gabbert, Missouri - RBBC

All you need to know is this fucking team beat Colorado 26-0 and did not have a SINGLE player with more than 6 carries. They did however have 8 people with at least 1 carry.  Miserable.

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