Oklahoma State Still Has a Shot



Can Oklahoma State still win the Big 12 South?


After OSU's loss to Nebraska and OU's loss to Mizzou, Baylor is at the top of the Big 12 South (yes, Baylor). That puts the Bedlam Brothers tied for second.

Fortunately for OSU, they have both Oklahoma and Baylor at home. Therefore, the Cowboys control their own destiny. If OSU wins out, they're going to the Big 12 Championship for the first, and maybe last time due to conference reallignment.

It would just be fitting that a team other than Oklahoma or Texas represents the Big 12 South in the Title game for the last time. It would be even better if that team plays any team other than Nebraska.

So who does OSU have to beat?

They still have Kansas State, Baylor, Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma.

I think the Cowboys will take care of Kansas State, Baylor, and Kansas, although Kansas State could potentially be a trap game. 

The games OSU needs to worry about are Texas and obviously Oklahoma

OSU plays at Texas. This is never good news. However, Texas has 2 losses at home this season, to UCLA and Iowa State. If Iowa State can outscore Texas, I'm not too worried about the number 2 offense in the nation. But Texas is solid when it wants to be, and it all depends on which Texas team shows up.

So if, and that's a big if, Oklahoma State wins their games against Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor and Texas, that Leaves Oklahoma left on their schedule.

Thank God they have the Sooners at home. Assuming that Oklahoma also wins all of their other games, that puts both the Cowboys and the Sooners at 10-1 and playing for the South.

OSU's offense vs OU's offense.

 Brandon Weeden has played a lot more consistently than Landry Jones. Before OSU's loss to NU, Weeden was 2nd in the nation in pass yards per game.

Kendall Hunter has rushed for over 100 yards in 6 of their 7 games, and over 200 twice. DeMarco Murray is an excellent back, but I think Kendall Hunter can move a little better than Murray and is all around a better back.

Justin Blackmon vs Ryan Broyles. Oh Justin Blackmon, what can you say. This guy has had over 100 receiving yards in every. single. game. this. season. He also had 207 in the game vs Texas Tech! This guy is nuts. He is the number one wide receiver in yards per game and points per game. Ryan Broyles is a very good wide receiver, but Blackmon is on another level. A Dez Bryant level.

Both teams have very good offenses with a lot of weapons, but I think OSU's is much better. OU has defense on their side.

This game will definitely be a shootout, but OSU wins if their defense tightens up and can just outscore the Sooners. They have to convert 3rd downs MUCH better than they did vs Nebraska. And their special teams need to get better, and fast.

If Oklahoma State can play consistently, they have a real chance of playing for the Big 12 Championship for the very first time. 


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