Let's Get Pasted: 10/26/2010 Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.


Orange-circle_medium OSU's prolific offense readying for 100th-ranked defense | NewsOK.com
While it's nice to play the 100th ranked defense, I don't think gaining yards and scoring is our issue.  I would be more excited about the headline "OSU readying for 120th ranked kickoff return unit".

Orange-circle_medium OSU football notebook: Mike Gundy calls K-State's Bill Snyder 'A class act for college football' | NewsOK.com
I assume that in return Snyder called him "a whippersnapper that needs to get off his lawn". That is an old joke.  Bill Snyder is really old.

Orange-circle_medium OSU brings offense back to Big 12 | CJOnline.com
You are welcome, national viewing audiences.

Orange-circle_medium Blue Jays expected to hire former OSU baseball player John Farrell as manager | NewsOK.com

Orange-circle_medium Practice report: NU prepares to deal with jumpy Tigers
I'm only linking this because it has a section about the hit Eric Martin laid on Andrew Hudson, knocking him out.  After the game, Nebraska special teams coach John Papuchis said this:

"I really can't comment on what I thought about the hit," Papuchis said. "What I will say is, Eric in no way, and as a coaching staff in no way, are we ever teaching techniques that would hurt somebody. And by no means was that Eric's intent to hurt anyone. We wholeheartedly hope that (Hudson) is OK and can resume his career as soon as possible. It's unfortunate that he got hurt."

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said after the game that Hudson was doing fine.

I don't care what kind of a spin you put on it, when a player can tell that another player can't see him coming and therefore can't defend himself, and he launches his helmet at that player's head, he is trying to hurt him.  And the thing is, it's really not Martin's fault.  Football players are taught to inflict pain from the moment they first put on a helmet as a child.  It is the "gray area" part of the game that is just now being addressed with CTE and concussion research, and the findings of how much long term damage a hit like this inflicts will probably soon lead to the phasing out of the idea of hurting your opponent in football. (more on this in a future article)

Anyway, Hudson is recovering and will be fine.



Orange-circle_medium It's 2007 All Over Again - Burnt Orange Nation
Is this the end of the Mack Brown run

Orange-circle_medium What If? ISU To The Big 12 Championship? - Clone Chronicles
And Oklahoma State passes the "fanbase that gets way too excited way too early" trophy to the northeast.



Orange-circle_medium EDSBS'S BEST IN CLASS: WEEK 8 - Every Day Should Be Saturday
This is becoming one of my favorite weekly features.

Orange-circle_medium My top 25: Week 8 - BCS Evolution

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