How Oklahoma State Wins the Big 12 South




So far this season, the Big 12 South has appeared to be there for the taking. The usual powerhouses of the South, Texas and Oklahoma, have struggled so far this season. While Oklahoma is undefeated at 5-0, a few of those wins were 4th quarter wins over lesser teams. They have played inconsistently all season, beating Texas and Florida State, and almost falling to Cincinnati and Air Force.

Texas' record speaks for itself, 3-2. This is the first time since the year 2000 that Texas is not ranked in the top 25. They lost an ugly game to a not very good UCLA team and lost to Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry.

So, it looks to be the year that another Big 12 team can step up and take the title of the Big 12 South. Oklahoma State and Texas A&M looked to be the most likely to do it, and Oklahoma State's win against the Aggies last Thursday makes a good case for Oklahoma State.

This is how I see the rest of the season going for Oklahoma State to take the South and play for the Big 12 title.

My prediction is that Oklahoma State will lose 2 games this season. As much as us Cowboy fans would love to see them dropping only 1 or even none, it's not very likely. I see them losing 1 away game and 1 at home.

Away games posing a threat:

  • Texas - Although Texas has been down this year, they have Oklahoma State at home, which could be a bit tougher for the Cowboys
  • Texas Tech - Texas Tech has been struggling this year, their best game against a now obviously bad Texas team. I don't see Ok. St. losing to Tech, but their usually good offense against a usually poor Cowboy defense could prove to be bad.
  • Kansas State - Kansas State is a surprise undefeated team, much like Oklahoma State is. Look for the Wildcats to give us some problems.

Home games posing a threat:

  • Nebraska - Another Big 12 undefeated team, Nebraska is the game I see Oklahoma State falling to at home. Their running game and stellar defense may cause a lot of problems for Oklahoma State and their offense. However, they too have looked a little shaky, with a 17-3 win over South Dakota State at home. They will be truly tested for the first time this Saturday at Kansas State.
  • Oklahoma - Oklahoma has been the most off and on team of the Big 12, but when they're on they're good. 

So, with Oklahoma State dropping 1 away game and 1 home game, that puts the Cowboys at 10-2. Assuming that Oklahoma also falls to a 2nd team, and with the Cowboys' head to head win over Oklahoma, that should put Oklahoma State at the top of the Big 12 South and playing (most likely Nebraska again) for the Big 12 Title.

Then Oklahoma State goes on to win the Big 12 and plays for the National Championship!!

Okay, that might be a little much, but us Pokes fans can dream right?


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