Top 10 Football Teams in the Great State of Texas



I believe he is holding up a 1 for "1 more win to get to a bowl".

Ok since Texas is all about football I thought it would be a good idea to look at a list of the 10 best teams in the Lone Star state. I didn't think SBNation had enough "Top # of things" lists and it needed one more highly thought out well calculated post. Im actually not putting much thought into this and these are just my opinions on the matter so dont write me hate mail telling me why so and so is better than whats its face. Feel free to comment about why im right/wrong/really fat. That being said its a great year for football in Texas, let's look at the teams making the magic happen on the field. CLICK THE JUMP, CLICK IT!!!

#1 TCU Record 10-0 Ranked #5 in BCS

The Horned Frogs are lighyears ahead of the rest of the pack and could easily beat any other team on the list. Their defense is down right frightening and #1 in the nation in points against at 8.5. They are lead by QB Andrew Dalton and have an offense averaging 41.4 points a game that is only good enough for 8th in the era of the PlayStation offenses. Last falI was dating a girl in Ft Worth and she called me one night and told me one of the TCU assistant coaches was trying to take her home. She was 21, not sure why but I think that kind of confidence has something to do with why TCU is so badass. This team is one of only 2 teams to beat OU at home in this decade and could end up playing for a national championship.

#2 Texas A&M 6-3 Ranked #25 in BCS

It was a rough start for A&M loosing 3 in a row to OSU, Arkansas, and Missouri. But they have since won 3 in a row and just defeated then #8 Sooners at homewith some impressive stuffs at the goal line. Once they figure out that J. Johnson was a gambling addict that got a rush by throwing risky passes in tight spots, their move to R. Tannehill has given them new life(With less interceptions). They still have a outside shot to win the big 12 south and are now bowl eligible.

#3 Baylor 7-3, Dropped from rankings

Baylor's rise to the spotlight as the nations most surprising team came crashing back down to earth after a visit to Stillwater last week. The Bears have been good this year, and RG3 (Yea I went there) minus his Donovan Woods-esque performance overthrowing receivers by 20 yards on Saturday has been one of the best Qbs in the conference. The Bears are going bowling for the first time in 167 years, and still have a chance to win the south God forbid.

#4 Houston Texans 4-4, 3rd in AFC South

One of the most appropriately named teams in the NFL the Texans started the season off super hott with wins over Indy and an OT win over Washington. Then due to some sort of fluke in space time they dropped a game to the Dallas Cowboys. That's right if you have been looking at the 1 in the win column of the Cowboys and wondered what pathetic losers lost to that team it was these guys. However they are still are "probably" the 4th best team on this list.

#5 Texas Tech 5-4 Not ranked in BCS

Tech season can be described by one word. DisapointCoachOnsidekick. They have won a couple games they probably shouldn't have in Baylor and Missouri. They have also lost some games they shouldn't have such as Iowa State, and Texas. The fans are still singing the praises of Leach, and I cant blame them. Tech's next game is at #16 OU. They could really make some noise breaking the Sooners 34 game home winning streak. I could watch this 1000 times.

#6 Houston 5-4, 1st in C-USA - West

Life is hard without Holgerson, though Houston's offense is still rolling with41.7 points per game. Even with their star QB Case Keenum out the back up.... uhh its here somewhere... ah yes D. Piland has thrown for 1442 yards in 119 completions. Houston took a big dump on our dreams last season, thats all I have to say about that.

#7 SMU 5-5, 1st in C-USA - West

This team gave Texas Tech a pretty good game earlier this season and I recall them hitting a ridiculously long field goal. Cant remember but it was somewhere around 74 yards.They also scored more than anyone on TCU with24 points. This team is really on the rise after being put to death back in the late 80s. Fun fact, the girl I dated last month(Shut up) went to SMU and showed me how at the games everone does the "Pony Ears" which are two bent fingers. This hand gesture is probably the biggest reason they are so low on this list.

#8 Texas 4-5, 6th in Big 12 - South

Alright now we are getting to the meat of the "Suck". Has a team falling from National Champinship contender to bottom of the Big 12 south so quickly. Not only has Texas lost but they have done so in some of the most pathetic ways possible. Too bad they cant trase us of Joseph Randleor Jeremy Smith or whoever is behind those two. Not that OSU would want anyone from this group of misfits. No one really knows why this teams is this bad, they get whatever recruits they want? Ok, the defense has been pretty good and somehow they beat Nebraska, but Ill credit that more to a big pale meltdown than give Texas credit. OSU should pay this team back for the last 10 years of agony we have suffered at the hands of the Longhorns. Im as nervous as any OSU fan about Saturday but we have never faced a Texas team as hopeless as this.

#9 Abiline High School 7-1 3 Way Tie for 1st in 3-5a

Abiline has had a great season so far and are looking to repeat their 2009 State Championship run. Led by brothers QB Ronnell Sims and OSU commit RB Herschel Sims the Eagles are having a pretty good season. I really dont follow Texas HS football that well but this team definatly looks like the 9th best team in the state of Texas. OSU's big time RB recruit playing for them had no influence on the decision!

#10 Dallas Cowboys 1-7 This team definatly wouldnt be ranked in the BCS

At the bottom of the list just edging out the UNT Mean Green for the final spot on the list are "America's Team" The Dallas Cowboys. The only team that can make the Longhorns feel good about themselves this Dallas team is just one big trainwreck in which the cars keep piling up. A team that boasted superbowl expectations for the big game taking place in Jerry's World next February has only managed one fluke of a win against Ironically enough another Texas football team. Its so bad that the big guy had to fire Wade Phillips in the middle of the season. That had to be hard for the rich old guy seeings Wade is a nice guy and looks like a big puppy dog. A puppy who pissed on the carpet several times. Yes I would say Dallas is lucky to make this list, and probably only made it so I could have an opportunity to rag on them some more. Hey its the hip thing to do right now! Some of you might say "No way the Dallas Cowboys would easily beat TCU" My response is "Really......... Really?".

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