Let's Get Pasted: 11/19/2010 Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.

Alright... I know it has been a while since I have put up a links post, but I am recommitted and will make sure to be more regular with them from now on.... or not.  It's one or the other.


Orange-circle_medium Kendall Hunter - Oklahoma State - 2011 NFL Draft: Top 10 Running Backs - Photos - SI.com
Mr Hunter comes in at #3 behind Demarco Murray and Mark Ingram.  Count me as one of those that doesn't understand the Murray hype.  I don't know what his combine stats are, but on the field he is great at catching passes out of the backfield, and is a good runner.... but if I were an NFL GM (which i should be), unless I were drafting him as a compliment to a hard running RB I already had on the roster I would be pretty hesitant to make Murray a feature back.

Orange-circle_medium Oklahoma State's Unsung Hero
Good writeup about Bo Bowling.

Orange-circle_medium Pokelahoma | Dana Holgorsen: X’s & O’s
Dana Holgorsen (of the Comfort Suites Holgorsen's) drawing up some plays with David Ubben of ESPN.

Orange-circle_medium Tale of the Tape: Kansas vs Oklahoma State - Rock Chalk Talk
Stat comparison of the two teams.

Orange-circle_medium All-Big 12 Academic Football Team includes 9 players from Oklahoma State - KFSM
Bunch of smart bastards on this team.

Orange-circle_medium Just a sick video of Dez highlights from this season.  He really abused the Giants in particular. Ohhh what could have been in 2009.



Orange-circle_medium Texas Basketball Finally Has An Offensive Identity - Burnt Orange Nation
Interesting look at what Rick Barnes did this off-season to improve the Texas offense.  Apparently he watched the Utah Jazz for a long time and mimicked their offensive gameplan.

Orange-circle_medium Recent Google searches that led visitors to RMN - Rock M Nation
Pretty funny stuff.  I'll add to the list with some of my favorite searches that got people to CRFF: "dana holgorsen hotel", "hot chicks", "million dollar man", and "fred gulley terrible".



Orange-circle_medium The Cam Newton Investigation Is Everything That's Wrong With The NCAA: Here's How To Fix It - SBNation.com

Orange-circle_medium NCAA Basketball Debrief: College Hoops Needs A Hard Opening - SBNation.com

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