Big 12 Rankings (Week 11)

We win, OU loses, and now, your Oklahoma State Cowboys are number 1 in the Big 12 South. Savor this. And Savor the fact that OU sucks hard on the road, like, they suck so hard porn stars are jealous. Our offense will put up about 50 on them. Aside from that, Colorado did the impossible, they took over last place in the Big 12. Kansas put up a hell of a fight, but CU had what it takes to be the worst team in the conference. How did they beat Georgia? Well, time for the rankings, where OSU still hasn't played anyone.

1: Nebraska (4-1, 8-1)

The Husker's get number one by default, since they beat number two. But the more I watch them (especially watching them struggle mightily against Iowa St) I can't help but think we should have beat them. But oh well, they still remain pale corn lovers. And they have a pretty easy path to the Big 12 CG, with games left against Kansas, Colorado, and at Texas A&M (who are suddenly very scary, but we already beat them).

2: Oklahoma State (4-1, 8-1)

Did I call for an 11-1 Big 12 South winning season before the season started? Yes. Will I let that go? Not until we lose number 2. The Chosen One's have faced almost every test before them, but the past 2 weeks have started to put it all together. I still think KSU was a complete game, even without tons of points. The first string defense has played awesome, and gotten some rest this week, which I think is crucial. Texas awaits, and Bevo is terrified. Lets do it. 

3: Baylor (4-2, 7-3)

Well, RG3 should have held off on those "Team of Destiny" T-Shirts. But seriously, BeBe's kids proved why people say "it's just Baylor". Really, I think their win over Texas means Texas is terrible. Our defense answered the call, and our offense did what they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it. However, they still have a shot at 2nd in the south, if they can beat OU and A&M. 

4: Kansas State (3-3, 6-3)

Kansas State is going to a bowl, but if they can get past Missouri (hint, I think they will) they can get a good bowl, with games at Missouri, at Colorado, and at North Texas (who fired their coach mid season) left. Now, I know at Mizzou will be though, but Colorado refuses to win. 

5: Texas A&M (3-2, 6-3)

The greatest collection of talent known to man has it rolling now. Thank god we played them when we did. But actually, this was a great win for A&M, and one of the most fun games I've ever watched, and the outcome was amazing. 

6: Missouri (3-2, 7-2)

Really, they should be higher, but I hate them, so fuck them. Behind the top two, the next 6 are pretty jumbled. Why did Missouri fall? Well, Tech sucks, and they lost, but they beat OU, and I think Kansas State will beat them. So there we are. Missouri was dreaming of BCS scenarios, who needed to lose to get to the big game, and all those fun thoughts a mere two weeks ago. Funny how life works. 

7: Oklahoma (3-2, 7-2)

Who's fourth in the Big 12 South? Thats right, the gooners. I wonder if they're still tired of hearing us talk about this being our year? Well, fuck them, cause they're fourth, it's not their year, and they can all go to hell. I remember listening to the sports animal pre season, and they all felt that since stoops was loose at the media days they were due for a NC. I wonder how it feels to walk through life knowing you're stupid? I'll have to ask the morning animals one day.

8: Iowa State (3-3, 5-5)

I'll admit, Clone Chronicles pissed me off last week, so watching them run the worst 2 point conversion play ever was sweet. And that also represented step one in my 3 step plan of them not making a bowl game. Steps 2 and 3 are losing at Colorado and vs Missouri. Well, after this weekend, I believe Iowa State makes a bowl game, because there is no way they will lose to Colorado. So enjoy it Iowa State, you have fought your way to the worst bowl the Big 12 has to offer. 

9: Texas Tech (3-4, 5-4)

Big win for the Apocalypse Rider, good shot at a bowl game. They wont qualify this weekend though, OU is going to skull fuck them at home. But Weber State and Houston should get the Techies to 7 wins. 

10: Texas (2-4, 4-5)

Good news for Texas? At one point this season they were ranked in the top 5. Bad news for Texas? They have to win 2 of 3 to get a bowl game, and they wont. After this weekend I believe their spirit is crushed, and we will destroy them. It's time to do it. And you know A&M will be ready to go. Has a team ever fallen this far the year after going to the NC game? Apparently the Hawk isn't the only coach in the Big 12 who should quit. 

11: Kansas (1-4, 3-6)

Well, enjoy 11th. But its basketball season, so who really cares in Lawrence anyway.

12: Colorado (0-5, 3-6)

If Dan Hawkins was half a man he would quit. Nobody in the real world would be allowed to suck at their job for so long and not get fired. And I know Colorado couldn't afford the buyout, but Hawkins should do the honorable thing and quit. God, Colorado sucks. 

Bowl Game Prediction:

Fiesta Bowl- Oklahoma State vs Boise State

Cotton Bowl- Nebraska vs LSU

Alamo Bowl- Baylor vs Arizona

Insight Bowl- Missouri vs Iowa

Holiday Bowl- Oklahoma vs Oregon State (if Oregon State can get bowl eligible)

Sun Bowl- Texas A&M vs North Carolina State

New Era Pinstripe Bowl- Kansas State vs Louisville

Texas Bowl- Texas Tech vs Michigan

Well, let the hate flow forth. 

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