Oklahoma State Sprints Toward the Top



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Baylor's hopes of a Big 12 South title were shut down by Oklahoma State on Saturday.

The Cowboy's offense was unstoppable, wracking up a record 725 yards of offense. Weeden was nearly perfect, Hunter had a great game, and Blackmon returned in a big way.

With a 55-28 victory over No. 21 Baylor, the Cowboys look headed towards a Big 12 South battle against Oklahoma.

It was a record breaking day for Oklahoma State. Brandon Weeden set school records for passing yards in a game (435) and pass completions in a game with 35. Those stats helped lift OSU to their record setting 725 yards of total offense.

Baylor wasn't able to match the offensive output of a remarkable OSU offense. The Cowboys started off hot and never cooled down.

It didn't look good for Baylor going into halftime down 24-0, and the first play of the 2nd half made it even worse. A reverse handoff to Justin Blackmon ended in a 69 yard TD. That put the Cowboys up 34-0.

In what was anticipated to be a shootout, turned out to be a romping. Baylor had no chance, with their first score coming halfway through the 3rd quarter. The Bears had only 7 points when many OSU starters left the field, only then were they able to pick up some points.

The props to this game go not only to the offense, but the defense as well. This has to be one of the best efforts by the OSU defense thus far. They completely shutout the number 8th ranked offense in the nation in the first half. This defense has been steadily progressing throughout the season, and is finally showing what they're capable of.

Here are some OSU stats:

Brandon Weeden: 34-42, 435 pass yards, 3 TD, 0 INT

Justin Blackmon: 13 rec, 173 rec yards, 1 TD, 69 rush yards, 1 TD

OSU Running Backs: Kendall Hunter had 66 yards and 2 TD, Joseph Randle had 86 rush yards and Jeremy Smith had 50.

With this win, OSU improved its record to 8-1, 4-1 in Big 12 Play. They are now alone at the top of the Big 12 South. OSU plays Texas in Austin next weekend.

OSU in the polls:

Oklahoma State is now ranked 11th in the Coach's Poll and 13th in the USA Today Poll..

Texas A&M upset 8th ranked Oklahoma, Texas Tech upset 11th ranked Missouri, and 7th ranked Nebraska defeated Iowa State.

This all helps Oklahoma State in the computer polls, as OSU has wins over A&M, Tech, and their single loss coming from Nebraska. OSU is in a 3-way-tie with Nebraska and Stanford at No. 6 in the computer polls. That puts Oklahoma State ranks at 10th the BCS.

This puts the Oklahoma game in Stillwater in line for the Battle of the Big 12 South.


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