Dana Holgorsen to Pitt?


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Did I spell it right this time?  I must thank SamuelBryant for teaching me how to spell the name of the dude I wanted fired after bedlam.  I don't really want him fired, none of us do.  I do want to see at least a 55/45 split between passing and running as opposed to the 67/33 split we saw in Bedlam though.  Of course he makes the big bucks to run an offense and I am as lame as laymen come so I doubt he cares what I want.  But that's not what I wanted to discuss here.

I heard Mark Rodgers say that Holgorsen is a strong candidate to fill the Pittsburg vacancy this afternoon.  So I got curious what was being said about this. The main source is the Tulsa World has published this.

Mark Rodgers is not alone in suspecting Pitt wants Dana.  So now my mind wanders to topics like what draw does Pitt have for OSU's OC.  Mount Pleasant, Iowa is Dana's hometown.  Per Google Maps its roughly a 12 hour drive from Pitt to Mt Pleasant.  It's less than 10 hours from Stillwater.  So that's +1 for OSU.  Holgorsen's coaching career thus far to my knowledge has been Tech, Houston, and OSU.  I'm not aware of any ties he might have to any Big East or Pitt entity.  I don't know if that means anything.  He must believe (because he has proven) his/Leach's offense can work anywhere so I'm not inclined to think any particular region holds his favor despite his working in TX/OK for the past several years.


As far as first head coaching jobs go Pitt is not too bad.  They are in a winable conference.  Very winable this year, but TCU is coming to the Big East so if a new coach was able to improve Pitt quickly he could make them a perennial contender with one other good program to spar with along the way.  And the Big East is still an Automatic Qualifier, so success would mean BCS Bowls and great exposure.  That's got to be a +1 for Pitt.  Following a great coach can be daunting, and though Dave Wannstedt didn't make Pitt into a powerhouse he is a beloved Panther with an impressive resume.  So beloved is he that they could not fire him though they wanted to go in a new direction.  There must be some segment of Pitt's fanbase that is sad to see him reduced to an assistant AD and those folks will always demand great success of the new hippie-hair-sporting head coach to justify Wannstedt's removal. That's +1 for OSU (maybe).  Pitt's graduating 12 seniors.  I can read a roster, yay me.  Honestly, I have no idea what Pitt has coming back for next year.  One thing we do know, recruits like to change commitments when coaches leave so Pitt's incoming class will be questionable at best.  OSU's offense will retain most of the starters from this year.  OSU +1 (Maybe). 

So that's 3 for OSU and 1 for Pitt so far in my slanted opinion.

Thus far Holgorsen has denied having any contact with Pitt, but as far as I can tell Nick Saban is still denying being contacted about the Alabama job he now holds so we'll have to wait and see.  Joe DeForest's name has popped up regarding the Louisiana-Lafayette Head Coaching position.  File that in my "careful what we wish for" database.  The Tulsa World article above says that the job at DeForest's alma mater has been filled by someone else, but I could not confirm that anywhere else through exhaustive research (one google search and a peek at the ragin' cajuns' football site).  Bottom line, OSU's success is creating opportunities for the assistant coaches which is a good sign for the program.  I couldn't fault Dana or Joe for being interested or even taking head coaching jobs.  If they go I will wish them success as long as they're not playing against OSU.  But I hope against all hope that they will stay at OSU and help the Pokes WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS NEXT YEAR!  Please stay in Stillwater Coaches Holgorsen and DeForest, we appreciate all you've conributed to the program despite our drunken post Bedlam defeat rants.

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