Update: Dana Holgorsen to West Virginia?

***Update*** 12/15 11:30am

Still no official word, aside from a newspaper in West Virgina reporting the deal as imminent. The source is still anonymous.

My advice to this source: Get some effing balls!

I spoke with Bill Haisten of the Tulsa World and confirmed that neither school has confirmed. It's literally all specualtion at this point.

Think about that...

We will update as more information becomes available.


So a report at WVGazette.com today says that Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen will be chasing mountain mamas' next season as offensive coordinator for West Virginia.  The report says Holgorsen will serve as coach in waiting for one season and then take over as Mountaineers head coach for the 2012-13 season.   

I think I'll wait for something a little more official before  the question mark goes away.

I see it this way. He can keep the party going in Stillwater and keep doing what he's doing with some really great players -  or he can go coach at a school that is having problems putting butts in seats

West Virginia is a good enough job, but he can do more for his resume by staying at Oklahoma State.

Now if he does somehow get inspired to leave with huge dollars and the promise of a head coaching job in the Big East - it's not a big deal.

The offense has been great under Mike Gundy, Gunter Brewer and Larry Fedora.

In 2007, the Cowboy offensive unit ranked seventh in the nation with 486.3 yards of total offense per game. In 2008,  the Cowboy offense ranked in the top 10 nationally in rushing, total offense, scoring and pass efficiency.

The 2009 Cowboy offense produced three all-Big 12 first team selections - running back Keith Toston, fullback Bryant Ward and tackle Russell Okung - despite a rash of injuries and suspensions that sidelined their biggest stars.

Dana Holgorsen is a good offensive coordinator, but he's not the only reason we've been good this year. Kendall Hunter was healthy. The offensive line gelled quicker than one coud imagine. Justin Blackmon worked hard in the off season and became a freak. Oh, and the defense started making plays.

None of that has anything to do with a up tempo, pass-happy offense.

In the end, I think Dana Holorsen has more to gain by staying at Oklahoma State than he does by taking a job in the Big East.  I even hear The Atherton is willing to upgrade him at no cost - and provide unlimited "snacks".

What more could you ask for coach?


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