Tulsa Offensive Preview/Sunday Evening Hangover

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Yeah, I know its not Sunday, but it was a bad hangover, so back off. Well, that sucked about as much as it could, with us still winning. I lit my victory cig, inside the stadium, and then, after one drag, we fumble trying to take a knee. Then, I was asked to leave, by a cop, so I did. The dick made me put it out too.This does not bode well. And the game wasn't good either. Maybe we just took Troy lightly, maybe we thought we were better than we are. Either way, we better figure our shit out before next Saturday. And now I know how to put pictures and videos in. Awe snap.



Kendall Hunter- respect him bitches


Now, since we survived the legend of Bear Woods (while true, Bear Woods is a badass, Troy can go to hell and he can go with them), we can move on to Tulsa, who is fresh off a win over Bowling Green. I don't know why the Falcons like to be a warm up to the Pokes, but they do. Without further delay, some numbers and smack talk.

Since we played sloppy, like, sorority girl drunk sloppy, I'm going to do Tulsa first. So, Cowboys, if you want to be first again, regain your position of power, kick the shit outta Tulsa Saturday. Quarterback time.


Tulsa brings two year starter G.J. Kinne to the Boone bowl Saturday. Kinnie, who spent his redshirt year at Texas, started all 12 games for the Golden Hurricane last year, racking up a 61% completion percentage, 2,732 yards, and 22 TD's. Boy's got some game. Against Bowling Green he went 27 of 47, for 356 yards, 2 TD's, and 1 Int. So far this year Kinne has 758 yards and 7 TD's. Kinne can also run, they ran him 14 times against East Carolina and 4 times against Bowling Green. We are going to have to cover some receivers this weekend, and we must pressure Kinne. Dude will pick us apart all night if given time. He's accurate, racks up yards, and probably gets tons of nerd pussy there in Tulsa. My grade, A (solid performance, and a win, and more nerd tail)



The Million Dollar Man (by the way, everybody needs to thank Sam for hooking this name up) Brandon Weeden. Much like Ted DiBiase, Weeden certainly get's women. Unlike Ted DiBiase, Weeden fumbles his junk from time to time. We're going to say that was from his taped finger. You hear that Weeden? You get the pass this time. As far as nubmers, Weeden was 29 of 39 for 348 yards, 2 TD's and 2 Int's. Not his finest showing, but hey, we got the W. As far as the 2 picks, one bad route, one bad qb decision. But, there were so many big throws, that I think this was a learning experience, which is easier to take with a W. My grade, C- (fumbling in victory formation, not matter the reason, equals a C grade)

Running Backs:

It appears Tulsa uses running back by committee, since 3 of the backs listed on the 4 deep got several carries, and the qb ran the ball 14 times. The starter, and leading rusher, is 5'11" 199 lb redshirt freshman Trey Watts. So far this year, Watts has 96 yards rushing and 58 yards receiving through 2 games. So Kendall Hunter he is not. Really, of all the weapons has, I'm the least worried about the running backs. He's a medium sized back, with decent speed, but not much experience and is on a team that lives and dies by the pass. So, we will live and die by our coverage. My grade, C (he has less yards in two game than Kendall had in one half last week, sorry kid, but dick eat)

Before I can begin typing about Kendall "most pussy pulled on campus two weeks running" Hunter, I have to show everyone this picture, courtesy of SamuelBryant.


How can you look at that and not feel your dick move. You can't, nobody can. 28 carries, 162 yards, 2 TD's, should have been 3 but the ref's couldn't handle the awesomeness of that stat line and called it back. To those ref's I say, Fuck You Sir (sorry for the soccer reference). Really, nothing more needs saying. Kendall is the fucking man, and we all know it. Dana feels it in the air every Saturday, expect to feel it this week as well. My grade, A++ (one plus for this week, one from last week carrying over) 


This section is gonna be a bit longer. Lots of guys to introduce y'all to. The Golden Shower had 5 receivers with more than 30 yards, and 4 receivers over 60 yards. The starters are Damaris Johnson, Ricky Johnson, and Thomas Roberson. Damaris Johnson is a returning starter, who has played in 26 games in the prior two years, starting 19 of those. He is also a pre-season Confrence USA first team punt returner. He's quick with soft hands and experienced, but smallish at 5'8" and 170 lbs. Against Bowling Green he hauled in 7 balls for 84 yards. Ricky Johnson is a sophomore who played in 9 games last season and had one start. He earned the starting job full time this year and had 2 grabs for 84 yards against Bowling Green. He has some experience and is quick, and weighs in at 6'1" and 201lbs. The third starter is Thomas Roberson, who, at 6'3" and 199 lbs is the tallest receiver on the team, though he is a true freshman. Against Bowling Green Roberson had 2 snacks for 13 yards. The backup are Jameel Owens, Trae Johnson, and Genesis Cole. Through two games they have a combined 14 grabs for 191 yards, which is one Justin Blackmon. Overall, the receivers for Tulsa are generally unexperienced, with only one starter having any signifigant playing time. Also, they rotate a ton of guys in, with 9 different players having at least one catch against Bowling Green, and 8 having a catch against East Carolina. I'm not really concerned about the receivers except for Damaris Johnson, so it's kind of a Jerrell Jernigan situation. Cover Damaris and we're "golden", let him run free and it could be a long night. My grade, C+ (not a ton of yards for any one receiver, and not a lot of experience. Lots of receiving yards though, but I believe that to be a product of a good qb)

Josh Cooper showed up this week, which is freakin sweet, and had 8 catches for 144 yards and a 66 punt return for a score. He looked good, caught balls thrown his way, and the did something with the ball once he had it. If he can keep this up we will have a solid 1 and 2 receiver. Considering his size (5'11" and 188lbs,) he should be up for another big week this week against a small Tulsa secondary. Justin Blackmon felt the need to prove last week was not a fluke, and with 10 snacks for 132 yards and 2 TD's, he succeeded. He may also have supplanted Kendall for most tail pounded Saturday night, though the stats haven't been posted yet. His bio says he's 6'1" and 205, but damn if he doesn't look bigger in person. Either way, he plays big, and should continue his dominance this week. Last week I predicted that Cooper and Tracey Moore would both get after it this week, and I was half right. Moore had 3 catches and 33 yards, which isn't gangbeating, but he blocks downfeild well, and helps Kendall and the other receivers anytime he can. Hopefully he can get a few more touches this week, but still, is productive in other aspects of the game. My grade, A (so very very close to an A+, but I need Moore to have more yards or either Cooper or Moore to get into the endzone on a pass)

Offensive Line:

Tulsa has a small line, with only two players over 300, but they are experienced. 4 of the 5 are returning starters and have a combine 40+ starts. They have given up 1 sack per game, which is pretty good, while the team has rushed for 370 yards combined. Given the quality of defenses they've faced, our front 4 should be able to contain the run game. At left tackle is 305lb redshirt junior Tyler Holmes (first cousin to John Holmes, I hope), who has 16 starts over 2 years. As a rs freshman. he started all 14 games, and started the first 2 his sophomore year before breaking his leg in practice before the Oklahoma game. Tulsa considers him the best lineman on the field, which may explain being a left tackle. At left guard is 285lb true junior Clint Anderson, who has played in 20 games, starting 11 of those. He has a problem staying healthy though, missing 6 games over two years, but is still considered a leader along the line. At center we have 285lb sophomore Trent Dupy. As a freshman he started 10 of 12 games he saw action in, and was named to the All Conference USA freshman team. Right guards brings us 305lb true freshman Steston Burnett (with a name like Stetson, he should be a rancher or something). Burnett gray shirted last season, which, apparently means Tulsa dicked him over last fall. Either way, he has one start and two games played coming into Saturday. I suspect we will blitz and stunt all over his ass, possibly all in his ass (thats not supposed to be as gay as it sounds). Filling out the line is right tackle 296lb junior Brandon Thomas, a player with 10 career starts. According to the Tulsa site, he can be good but is not aggressive enough. Given that fact and the fact that right guard has basically no experience, a betting man would expect the runs to go to the left side. The right side of the line should be penetrate-able whenever we want it, and I hope we take advantage of that. My grade, B-, (they have done well so far, but have not faced a defensive line with our size, and they just don't run a lot. We should be able to at least pressure Kinne, which will be essential) 

Our offensive line gave up two sacks against Troy, and 8 tackles for loss, that shit aint good. Granted, some of those were run plays that went outside and then no where, but still, Troy was getting a great push all night. We must do better, and I believe we will. Ours starters, from left tackle to right tackle are; Nick Martinez, Johnathon Rush (sweet ass last name for a lineman, no?), Grant Garner, Lane Taylor, and Levy Adcock. I ran down everyone background in the Troy preview, so I wont do that again here. Against WSU our line looked great, against Troy they looked young and inexperienced, which they are. However, I expect a return to form this week. They battled all game, and started giving Brandon some protection in the second half. The Troy game was good for the whole team, they got their balls kicked, and then fought back to kick Troy's balls. I think this says something about Weeden more than anything, but the line never looked upset or down on itself, even after horrible plays. They just put the helmet back on and went for more. My grade, C+ (not their finest showing by far, but we will correct and get better, hopefully)


Tulsa has a high powered passing game, and shit for a run game. Half their yards rushing this year are with Kinne in designed runs/scrambles, or with Darius Johnson out of the wildcat (Wild Hurricane? that may be the worst wildcat bastardization of a name ever. Really, I challenge you to think of a worse name). Covering their receivers will be paramount, but that should be made easier since our front four should be able to hold the line. Tulsa is ranked 39th in rushing, but that stat is bullshit. They don't have a clear starter there, and Darius Johnson is the third leading rushed on the team. Kinne scares me, he's good enough to get a scholarship to Texas, but not good enough to start there (I call em like I see em). But the boy has skills, but his skill wont be worth dick if he's pressured and hit all night.

On our side, I have a three stage plan. Stage one, get Kendall the ball. Stage two, throw the ball to get Kendall rest. Stage three, get Kendall the ball again. Repeat until we win. Hopefully we will be up big at the half and can get our other backs some work, cause if we lose Hunter we are fucked. Big time. I would love to see more out of Tracey Moore, or anybody besides Blackmon and Cooper. If we can have a true third receiver, with Hunter in the backfield, and Blackmon and Cooper wide, our O would be scary good. Word on the street is that Brandon wont need the thumb tape this weekend, and Gundy confirmed on his conference call Monday that we will be taking knees out of the shotgun from now on. Until we fuck that up.

I think we will kick ass, take names, pound tail afterwards, and generally beat some Hurricane ass. But, they get pumped for this game, so we should too. Anytime you can beat an in-state opponent, every effort should be made to do so. After this week we have a 1.8 week span to get healthy before A&M comes in for their butt fucking. I say we work out the kinks this week and roll, 55-14.


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