Let's Get Pasted: 9/15/2010 Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.

Apparently I forgot to post this on Monday.  Was everyone lost?  Did you just sit on one site and stare.  Well don't worry.. the links are back and briefer than ever.


Orange-circle_medium OSU Notebook: Prehistoric times | Tulsa World
Stuff about the Tulsa series, and some great Richetti quotes.

"I'm not going to say it was the stone age, but I'm pretty sure Coca-Cola was the best drink ever invented at that time," he said.

"We didn't have all the technology like (now). I think in '51 you had
to go to the rotary phones. You had to (dial) all the way around and you had an operator to connect you and all that stuff. But I really can't tell you. I have no clue. But I'm an old spirit. I like watching old movies (about that era)."

Did TVs and automobiles exist in '51? Said Jones, "Didn't they have radios then in '51? They probably had radios and they're still driving the T-model Fords."

Orange-circle_medium No. 13 Cowgirls Back In Action - OKLAHOMA STATE OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE
Soccer update.  Cowgirls are 6-1 on the season and currently ranked 13th.

Orange-circle_medium Oklahoma State University Official Athletic Site | Video
Click on "Cowboys vs Troy - Game Highlights on the right". The intro with the Gundy speech mixed with the whatever re-mix that song is kinda gave me chills.  Nice work OState video folks.

Orange-circle_medium A Richetti Interview after the Monday Media luncheon.  If you haven't seen any Ricketti interviews before, maybe today's links will convince you to start taking them all in.



Orange-circle_medium Big 12 Links and Reflections - Rock M Nation
Nice overall recaps of the Big XXI games from last weekend with links to each.

Orange-circle_medium Farmageddon: 3 Days - Bring On The Cats
I mostly just love that they call this rivalry "Farmageddon". Can't get enough Farmageddon.



Orange-circle_medium James Madison 21, Virginia Tech 16: What They're Saying - Gobbler Country
A collection of links from around the googles highlighting what everyone was saying about the VTech loss.

Orange-circle_medium Former Penn captain who killed self had C.T.E. - CBSSports.com

Orange-circle_medium College Football BlogPoll Top 25: Oregon Moves Upward; Boise State Not So Much - SBNation.com
Newest BlogPoll results

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