OSU/Tulsa Defensive Comparison

Hells yeah, got 11 comments on the offensive comparison, at this rate I'll get 50 comments on 1 post by 2029, which is probably also the year my liver gives out on me. Since we did the offense already, that leaves us the defense. Although, i'm not sure Tulsa has a defense. Maybe thats a little harsh, of course they put 11 men on the field, they just suck at what they do. Think i'm just hating? Perhaps, but I have numbers to justify my hate. I'll start with the good stat, they rank 38th overall defending the run. Yes, that was the good stat. However, that is balanced by the fact they are 87th in passing defense, 107th in scoring defense, and 99th in overall defense. Whats that I hear? Is it Tulsa's D-Line watching film of Blackmon and Hunter and sobbing softly? I believe it is. I can also hear Kendall get all up on his girlfriend right now, much they way he will Tulsa's vaunted D this weekend. Individual's after the jizump.



Orie Lemon will kill you, and you know it.

God that play brings back memories. Good ones, followed seconds later by shitty ones.


Since Tulsa's D sucks them some John Holmes wang, OSU gets the nod to start us off. At end we have Ugo Chinasa and Richetti Jones. Against Troy, Chinasa had 2 tackles, while Jones kept on kicking ass and had 5 tackles and one TFL. I think they played well, and Troy only ran for 101 yards, and they didn't bust to many end around runs on us. I noticed Jamie Blacknick is back on the two deep, and he played well, having 1 tackle, 1 TFL, and 1 sack in a backup role. We need more of this to help with depth issues.  Containment was good, but where Troy hurt us wasn't the run. I would have loved to see Robinson hurried more, but thats being picky. At D tackle we have Chris Donaldson and Nigel Nicholas. Donaldson had 2 tackles, and Nicholas had 1. Backups Darius Hart and Anthony Rogers had 2 and 1 tackles, respectively.  Again, I would have loved to see more sacks and more pressure, but I'm being hyper critical I think, considering the 'line had 30% of the total tackles. I'm just worried that when we run into a big line (A&M, UT, Neb) that we are going to have trouble getting to the quarterback. I think this weekend will be very telling, since Kinne is a slippery little shit, but they don't have to worry about the run as much. My grade, B (need more pressure, but containment, at least on run plays, was pretty good)







(also found this same photo courtesy of the single greatest web site ever, Wasted Optomish)

The line for Tulsa defense is an odd cat. I think they run a 3-3-5, since they list 3 lineman, 3 linebackers, 2 corners and 3 safety's. So I'm going to call it a 3-3-5 shit stack. What does this shit stack mean? Less players to slow Kendall down, more to cover Blackmon. If I were them, after watching some game film, I'd run a fucking 14-14-14. That would give em a chance. And really, what would the ref's do if 42 Tulsa defenders walked onto the field and said "fuck it, do something about it"? Probably disqualify them, but at least they could say they tried. Manning the front of this shit is the job of Cory Dorris, Odrick Ray, and Tyrunn Walker. At right end is 255lb sophomore Cory Dorris. Dorris started all 12 games as a redshirt freshman, recording 54 tackles and 3 sacks in his initial campaign. Dorris had 1 solo tackle, 4 assist's, and half a sack against Bowling Green. At 255lb Dorris is going to have hell trying to get around any of our lineman. Considering we should be able to put at least 2 guys on that side he will basically be a warm body on the field. At nose tackle is 275lb senior Odrick Ray. Ray has played in 39 games in his career, starting the last 11 games last season. For his career Ray has 42 tackles and 2 sacks. Against Bowling Green Ray had 1 tackle, 1 TFL, and 1 sack. Not exactly world beating numbers. I really don't mean to demean any of these kid's, they could all hold me down and rape me, but, I'm not even 10% through with the defense and I have come to this conclusion. If we don't win, Cincy must shoot his peen to exercise the demons on this team. At left end is 256lb junior Tyrunn Walker. Walker spent his first two college years at Jones County Junior College, where he was named to NJCAA First Team All American, which actually is a big deal. He's probably the best player on the line, but only has two games of experience at this level. Against Bowling Green Walker had 4 assist's. Although he is well on his way to national assist leader, if thats even a real category, since he had 6 assist's against East Carolina. My grade, C (they are small, and not exactly world beaters, only recording a combined 3 tackle's in the East Carolina game. Cincy, your peen should be safe.)


First off, Ori Lemon went fucking crazy this game. Big Ori had 11 tackles, 2 assist's, and 2 TFL's. Holy. Shit. That, my friends, is the definition of getting after it. Justin Gent had another good game, getting 4 tackles, 1 TFL, and 1 sack. Oh, and did I forget to mention Gent forced the GAME SAVING FUMBLE? Those are great numbers, but not Ori Lemon big stud numbers. As far as the defense goes, I would say Ori had 17 bitches jocking his balls, while Justin only had 9. Which is 25 more than I had. James Thomas was playing hard as well, getting 3 tackles and 1 assist. But only had 3 bitches. Really, there is not much more to say. Our linebackers, regardless what the haters will say, is pretty fucking good. 18 tackles and 2 sacks, thats a game people. I can barely get those number in Madden. Hell, Troy had 371 yards of offense, but most of that came in the first half, before our D got pissed. On top of that, I would say containment was good, and somehow Troy fumbled the ball more than we did, which is fucking shitty. None, however, more important than the one Gent forced with a minute to go. My grade, A+ (hey, if you save the damn game with a forced fumble, that makes up for a ton of shit) 

Tulsa's has two returning lettermen and one redshirt freshman. At middle linebacker is freshman Cody Wilson. Who has two games of experience to get ready for Kendall Hunter running beside, past, over, and around him. He played high school at Lincoln Christian, and was named to Conference USA All Academic team while he redshirted. Saturday will tell if he should have been running shuttles or studying. Considering he only had 3 assist's against Bowling Green, and 3 assist's against EC, i'm saying shuttles. At weakside linebacker is 225lb senior Tanner Antle. Antle has tons of experience, playing in 40 games, starting 25 of those. For his career at Tulsa he has 179 total tackles, and 7.5 sacks. Dude is a baller. Shit, I think the only thing I've done 179 times over the past 3 years involves a high def tv and my left hand. Through two games this season he has 7 tackles, 3 TFL's, and 8 assist's. He must be accounted for. They're not many players on the defensive side of the ball that worry me, but he does. Rounding out the 'backers is strongside linebacker Curnelius Arnick. Arnick, a 230lb junior, who has played in 26 games over 3 years, but didn't earn a starting job until this year. For his career he has 82 tackles and 3 sacks (all of these career stats are both solo and assist's combined, just so they don't seem like superbadasses. Except for Antle, who had 112 of those 179 solo.) The backups also can play. Shawn Jackson had 5 tackles and 3 assist's, while Donnell Hawkings had 1 solo and 1 assist. They have some depth here, which they will need, since their line will basically stand up and lay down. My grade, B+ (this may be the strongest unit on this side of the ball, but they are going to have a long ass day, since Kendall will be a full speed when he hits them, and they will also by trying to account for Blackmon, Cooper, and Moore.)




"That is my ball, not your ball. Bad pussy"

What can I say, our corner play was a tale of two halves. I wrote that and then realized I think people who say that are weak. Thats almost as weak as "it is what it is". I love big Sam, but he loves to say that shit. Basically, saying "it is what it is" is a way of saying "I really don't know shit, but I'm paid to sound like I do, so I'll say this and pretend like its so obvious that you all know it, even though I don't know what the fuck i'm talking about". Either way, our corners played shitty the first half, and then good the second half. They need to learn how the fuck to tackle in open space though. Jernigan bounced off em like he was a damn bowling ball and they were the lane bumpers (hell yes, i'm 25 and still play with the lane bumpers, you every try to bowl well after 10 beers without em? Can't do it. Wont do it. (Mike Singletary)) Shit i'm rambling, and talking to myself. Fuck. Devin Hedgepeth and Broderick Brown. Whew, back on task. Bad news about McGee, from

A talented defensive back ... Was playing well when his season ended prematurely due to injury.

This makes the Hedge' the starter now. Against Troy Hedge' had 2 tackles, forced 1 fumble, and missed about 10 tackles. However, considering he is a true freshman who has be thrown into this shitbox we call the secondary, I'm going to cut him a ton of slack. Fun fact, the Hedge' was the number 8 player in Kansas according to Rivals, was born in German, and is pursuing a degree in engineering. Ladies and gentlemen, number 18 Devin Hedgepeth. (clap damnit, this comparison is going straight to hell.) Okay, i'm speeding up. Brown played decent, recording 7 tackles and playing decent coverage all night. Done. My grade, B- (losing McGee hurts, but I have faith the Hedge' can handle it, and Brown is playing pretty good, but they will be tested this weekend, Tulsa slings the ball all over)

For Tulsa we have 170lb junior John Flanders, and 165lb sophomore Justin Skillins. Flanders has played in all 26 games of his career, starting 9. For his career he has 60 tackles and 5 pass breakups. Against Bowling Green he had 7 tackles and 1 pass breakup. He is quick, but if we use our Holgerson slanty offense, he will mainly be used to slow down Kendall, if that is even possible. Skillins played receiver last year, but moved to corner this year, where he immediately became a starter. Hmm, that either means he he took to CB extremely well, or they have no depth at corner and the rest suck. I'm guessing no depth. Against the Falcons he had 1 tackle. So far this season he has 2 tackles. Yup, they suck at corner. My grade, C- (no depth, and Tulsa has had some passing yards dropped on em, to the tune of 645 in 2 games. And that little thing of 5 passing TD's in 2 games. Hope Weedens thumb has finished thumbing coed's and is ready to scored airmail touchy's)




Is this a good or bad photo of Victor Johnson? I don'k know.


Markell Martin and Johnny Thomas both had a pretty good game, getting 5 tackles a piece, and backup Victor Johnson had 3. They were called on several times to save plays after a linebacker or corner missed a tackle. It should also be noted that Martin is the leading returning tackler on the team, and for more encouraging act Thomas runs a 4.46 forty, and one last tidbit, Johnson started against Georgia last year, is the third leading tackler on the team, and is a backup. I expect large things from this group this year, given time to gel. Against Troy the defense only gave up 2 plays longer that 20 yards, and only 4 plays longer than 10 yards, so I think thats a pretty good job on the safety's part. My grade, B+ (no interceptions, no A, hey i'm tough sometimes)

Troy has a large group of safety's, starting with 212lb safety Jamad Williams. Williams has played in 39 games with 18 starts, and is a converted running back. Converted this year. What that means, I don't know, considering he was the second leading rushed on the team last year. Beside him is 180lb senior Charles Davis, who is by a wide margin the best safety on the team. Davis has played in 42 games and has 29 starts. For his career Davis had 129 tackles, 12 pass breakups, and 2 interceptions. Against Bowling Green Davis had 5 tackles, 1 assist, 1 TFL, and one interception. This guy can handle his side of the field. So I say throw it to the other side, where the former running back is covering. The third starting safety in this configuration is Marco Nelson, a 192lb true freshman. He is listed as a backup on the Tulsa depth chart, behind Dexter McCoil, what was hurt against East Carolina. Now after exhaustive searching (2 minutes on google) I couldn't find much info on his injury, so I will list both players. Nelson was a stud Glenpool, and has one games worth of experience at this level. McCoil, a 190lb sophomore, played in all 12 games his freshman season and had 6 starts. What do I expect from this group Saturday? Not much, if our run game is going they will be trying to last resort tackle Hunter, and if our short passing game is rolling they will be too far off the line to save first downs. I expect them to use one of the safety's to blitz, keep the other two and coverage, and use one of their linebackers to creep up on the line. Will it work? Nah. My grade, C+ (in two games Tulsa has given up 8 pass plays of more than 15 yards, and 12 of more than 10 yards, including 2 over 40. Who stops plays from being more than 15 yards? Safety's, unless they suck.)


For the sake of Cincy's peen, we need to slaughter Tulsa Saturday. I think we will. Their defense will not be able to handle our offense, unless we commit 74 turnovers, which we were well on our way to last Saturday. We have size at almost every position over the 'Canes (thats a way more badass nickname, and since the U currently sucks I say let Tulsa have it for a while). On top of that, they type of defense they run is designed to slow down a spread, but they don't run it well. At some key positions Tulsa is using converted players or true freshman. Does that mean they wont be jacked up for this game? Hell no, they live for this game. They're not quite asjacked up as ULL for us (check the poll results, we have 74 percent. Alright, I gotta do this here. Why, for the love of all that is good, to we schedule mid majors at their house on Thursday or Friday, on ESPN, where it is the biggest game at their house ever? Seriously, see Troy from a couple of years ago. Fuck I hate our scheduling,) Sorry about that. I'm sticking with my prediction of 55-14, which is dependent on not fumbling and shooting ourself in the peen. Cause if he lost his peen he would miss this.



or this




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