Let's Get Pasted: 9/17/2010 Oklahoma State Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.

The Devin Hedgepeth and Dana Holgorsen edition.  Clicky for more clicky.

UPDATE: Derek Burton has a blog about video games and football. This is going to require further investigation and updating from us.. but for now, it's just a link.


Orange-circle_medium OSU coaches impressed with freshman Devin Hedgepeth | NewsOK.com
Hedgepeth putting his smarts to use | NewsOK.com
My current rule is that all Devin Hedgepeth articles get linked. I am a little bit in love with him right now... in a straight football fan sense of course.  Although if he asked, I would probably say yes.

Orange-circle_medium Originally set for 2012, TU-OSU game moved to 2016 | Tulsa World
A lot of schedule changing with the move to the division-less 10 team conference.

Orange-circle_medium TU fans should treat OSU series like it matters | Tulsa World
John Klein calling TU fans a bunch of cheap asses. Although, I kinda have to agree with the TU fans that $90 is pretty ridiculous. I could buy like 20 grillaronis for that.

Orange-circle_medium After '09 Houston-TU game, Holgorsen accused TU of 'cheating' | Tulsa World
There is so much to like about Dana Holgorsen

Orange-circle_medium OSU Notebook: Holgorsen's nicknames | Tulsa World
See comment on previous link

Orange-circle_medium New Jersey Nets sign former Oklahoma State standout Stephen Graham | NewsOK.com



Orange-circle_medium It’s Bigger Than Football: It’s FARMAGEDDON!
Who needs more Farmageddon? No one? Really? I don't care who is playing in it, this is the best rivalry name in all of sports.  Oh wait... its K-State and ISU.. OK... the name is still solid... maybe we need to transfer that name to a better real rivalry.

Orange-circle_medium Breaking Down Some Keys to the Nebraska - Washington Game - Corn Nation
Pale Nation is getting pumped for their trip to the Northwest. A little X's and O's primer for those that are into that stuff.



Orange-circle_medium NCAA Football Rootability Index, Week 3: Alabama Vs. Duke Presents Unprecedented Cheering Challenge - SBNation.com
Spencer Hall providing greatness as usual

Orange-circle_medium Week 3 College Football Buffet: Previewing Every Game So You Know Which To Consume - SBNation.com
All the games from around the nation on Saturday with TV info, quick summary, and links.

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