Big 12 Running Back Ranking: Week 3

Here's my take on the status of Big XII Running backs after week 3...

1. Daniel Thomas, Kansas State - 181 yards, 2TD's on 34 carries

After 3 weeks, Thomas leads the nation with 552 yards and 6 TD's on the year. He put the team on his back and brought home a win Saturday. He has at least 137 yards and 2 TD's in every start this year. Impressive to say the least.

2. Roy Helu Jr.Rex BurkheadTaylor Martinez,  Nebraska- 383 yards, 6 TD's on 54 carries

This 3 headed attack is scary. It's one thing to do this against Idaho but it's another to do it on the road at Washington. All finished with 100 + yards and at least a touchdown. They appear to be the real deal.

3. Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State -  59 yards yards on 10 carries

Kendall loses a little ground with a sub-par perfomance but he didn't really have a chance with only 10 carries. He's still #2 behind Thomas nationally with 447 yards and 6 TD's. Tulsa made a point to stack the box and he still finished with a YPC average of 6. I think we'll lean on him a lot more against A&M.

4. Demarco Murray, Oklahoma - 110 yards,  2 TD's on 26 carries

Another solid performance by Murray. He is definitely a key component to the success of this team.Is he the only component? The Sooners seem a little top heavy with him and Broyles. The YPC average of 4 keeps him out of the elite group.

5. Christine Michael, Texas A&M - 119 yards, TD on 21 carries

Michael was about the only bright spot in a game the Aggies should have lost. He's got three 100 yard performances in 3 games. No question he belongs in the top half...

6. Fozzy Whittaker, Texas - 55 yards, TD on 15 carries

The RBBC was in affect again, but it didn't do much. However, Fozzy might be the first to keep the starting job after 1 week, and 55 yards. Yep, the running game in Austin ain't what it used to be...

7. Alexander Robinson, Iowa State - 85 yards on 19 carries

It's becoming apparent isn't good enough to get the running game going. This is fairly disappointing considering K-State's defensive numbers going in to this game. Hard to see A-Rob having a solid year if he can't do much against a middle of the road Big 12 Defense.

8. Rodney Stewart, Colorado - 106 yards, 2 TD's on 22 carries

A solid  game against a terrible Hawaii defense. We'll know more about Stewart when he faces Georgia next week.

9. James Sims, Kansas - 74 yards, on 20 carries

The Jayhawks come back down to earth and lost on the road to Southern Miss. Not a horrible night for the freshman, but not great either.

10. Jay Finley, Baylor - 56 yards on 9 carries

Another tough week for Baylor. Finley has a great YPC average - they just can't play well enough to feed him the ball. Always playing from behind...

11. De'Vion Moore, Missouri - 34 yards, TD on 6 carries

If Missouri cannot get the rushing game going against San Diego State how will they fare against a solid defense?

12. Baron Batch/Eric Stephens, Texas Tech - (-14)  yards on 18 carries

A negative average. Horrendous. All the talk of a solid rushing game in Lubbock appears to be fluff. Negative. Fourteen.

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