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Last weekend was fun, wasn't it? I thought Troy was better than Tulsa, but not that much better. I was most surprised that Todd Graham was totally cool with "The Million Dollar Man" kicking his ass all over the field, as long as he didn't let Kendall run wild. End result, 65-28 and your team looked foolish. Good job. Speaking of foolish, anyone who tries to cover Justin Blackmon looks foolish. In fact, our receiving corp finally showed up, I'm pumped. Too bad we gotta wait a week and a half to get it on (that was supposed to sound 30-60% gay). What else did we learn this week? For one, our defensive 1's and 2's are pretty good, and shut down Tulsa for almost 3 quarters, until Gundy went deep on the bench. Also, we learned that GJ Kinne is not very good. He panic's, throws wild on the run, and is pretty slow. But, two of his 3 int's were not his fault, and Andrew McGee's int was simply out working a receiver. Great to have McGee back, and seemingly at full strength. We also learned that A&M's Jerrod Johnson is human (and possibly injured), as he went 11 of 31 for 4 int's and 1 TD, as A&M almost went down to FIU. Those are horrible, horrible numbers. I will guarantee that if he does even half that bad we will win going away. And seeing as how this is a huge game for us, and A&M, and our first conference game, this may be a bit longer than normal (especially since I have a week to work on it).  But, for now, time for some numbers and terrible analysis.



Soon...... Soon...




Yeah, that's right, sam's is better, but this took 3 minutes

Holy skunkshit Batman, The Million Dollar Man is HERE bitches. Wow, I wonder how ole Todd feels about his defensive scheme. He should be fired for that shit, he really should. I overheard most of the conversation he had with his assistants at the end of the first quarter, I think it went like this.

Keith Patterson: (co defensive coordinator) "Hey, umm Todd, Weeden has like 200 yards, and we're down by 20, should be maybe start covering the receivers?"

Todd Graham: "How many yards does Hunter have?"

Paul Randolph: (co defensive coordinator): "Well, Hunter only has like 30 yards rushing but-"

TG: "SO, what the fuck is the problem? We're showing that prick he can't run on us"

KP: "Yeah but coach, we can still get back in this if we start covering. Maybe we should-"

TG: "What, let Hunter pad the stats on us? Have you seen our linebackers? The blow. Case closed."

PR: "But coach, Weeden-,"

TG: "Shut the fuck up, both of you. Just trust me, I have a plan"

3 hours later, walking to the locker room after giving up 8 passing TD's and 550 yards,

KP: "So Todd, when were we gonna run that plan?"

PR: "Yeah, what the hell, we just got fucking embarrassed? What was the plan?"

TG: "I got a fifth of Maker's and a 30 of PBR on ice, and 4 hooker's waiting on us at the Holiday Inn Dana Holgerson stay's at. That's my plan"

PR & KP: "Well shit, why didn't we leave at halftime?"

Yes, Tulsa shut down Hunter, but we only gave him 11 carries to keep wear off him. And considering what the MDM was busy doing, we didn't need him at all. Weeden's number's are sick. 23 of 32, for 8 TD's and 409 yards. In 3 quarter's. Really, Tulsa should disband their team. Weeden did what he wanted, when he wanted, and he never even had to rush. I think I counted 3 times he was hurried, and even then he completed a pass. So far through 3 games Weeden's numbers are just silly. He's 74 of 101 for 975 yards and 11 TD's (8 of which are to Blackmon) and 2 int's (both in the Troy game).

Now, none of this knob slobbin' I've just done (and The MDM BW deserved it), mean's anything for next Thursday's game. A&M has the best D-Line we've faced so far (if they show up, which they may not), and Von Miller is a freak. Weeden will be rushed, will be hit, and will be knocked down. A&M will not focus solely on Hunter, so that will help. They will blitz, and for the first time all season we will see how Weeden does against a legit pass rush. (I know Troy harassed him and he had a few struggles, but none of those kid's would start in the Big 12) Now, if we can get the ball off before the rush get's there (which is supposed to be what this quick pass offense of Holgerson is about, but we haven't seen it yet) we should be able to have some success. The A&M secondary is somewhere between "awful" and "decent". Considering how our receivers have come on, Weeden should be able to have some fun with them. Weeden's play depends on our line's ability to give him time. Backing up The MDMBW is Clint Chelf, a sophomore who has played his way into the backup role. Chelf got in on the action against Tulsa, throwing 11 times completing 8 of those (technically 9 were complete, if you count that interception) for 165 yards, 1 TD and 1 int. If Weeden's old ass were to give up on him and collapse, Chelf should be able to handle himself. He's in a shitty spot though, waiting for Weeden to retire and having to fend off incoming fan favorite JW Walsh. Overall the QB play has been great, then shitty, the fucking outstanding this year, in that order. My grade through 3 games, a solid A- (the Troy game wasn't great, hell he fumbled in the big V, but other than that he has been flawless)

Jerrod Johnson is coming off possibly the worst game of his collegiate career. Johnson was 11 of 31 for 194 yards, 1 TD and 4 int's. Damn, that ain't good son. However, he now has a week and a half to get his shit together (and heal up, word on the street is that he's hurt, but that source is sketchy at best, and I couldn't find anything after an exhaustive search of 5 minutes on google). Either way, hurt, tired, or just shitty, he has some day's off to get it sorted out. Overall for the season Jigga Jigga (nobody calls him that) is 64 of 109 for 865 yards, 7 TD's and 4 int's. For a dude who was supposed to be the best in the conference his number's suck, considering they have played Stephen F. Austin, Louisiana Tech, and FIU all at home. I know he is a "mobile quarterback", but he's only ran for 120 yards and 1 TD on 30 carries. Denard Robinson has 70 carries and 550+ yards through 3 games, thats a mobile QB. What do I expect from Jigga? Well, hard to say. The 12th man believes that he is either tired or hurt, but it's only the 3rd game, and they've played cupcakes. Not a good sign. Of course, he may not have cared about those, but this is primetime (even my dick know's its a big game). Royal John threw down a fact, that I believes sums this up well, if Jigga has even one pick, his team has a losing record. A&M goes as Johnson goes. It would help to have a big time receiver to throw to, but he does not have one. How do we stop Jigga Jigga?  I believe it depends on Ugo, Richetti, and Ori and their ability to get pressure and contain him when the takes off. My grade through 3 game's, C- (decent number's, but they didn't hang 65 on anybody, and barely survived FIU. At least we crushed 2/3 of our teams) Also, everyone should get off their fucking ass's and vote Weeden for Davey O'Brien award. Jigga leads the voting now. 

Running Backs:

Sure, Christine Michael is good. I know that. You know that. But he know's two things. One, his daddy hated him. He was either supposed to be a girl, or his pap's loved him some Stephen King. Two, he know's he will NEVER be Kendall Hunter. He can wish and hope and dream, but the freak he is not.



Does anybody call him the Freak? If not, we should. 

Hunter had bad stats against Tulsa, only getting 59 yards, but not a bad game. For one, Gundy (and this is important. For anybody who was there, when Hunter got screwed out of his TD by the ref's, Gundy was pissed, and he got a Gundy chant from the student section, and I loved the shit out of that) decided to rest Kendall, considering The MDMBW was busy whipping ass, taking name's, poppin cherries, and hating puppies (God know's CRFF hates some puppies). Against Troy and WSU Hunter was unstoppable. Backup Joseph Randall has 24 carries for 114 yards on the season. He seems to be fitting into this system better than Jeremy Smith, who only has 55 yards and 1 TD. I hope we can find a way to utilize Smith better, cause he's still a stud. We need fast, shifty receivers in this offense, maybe he would fit in better there. Now, A&M is better prepared to stop Hunter, but can they stop Randall, and Blackmon, and Cooper, and Anyium, and Bowling, and Moore? Hell no, no one can. So far this season, Hunter has 60 rushes for 473 yards and 6 TD's. That's good for 3rd in the country, and tops in the Big 12 in all purpose running. What can A&M do to stop him? Well, I suspect Von Miller will have some say in this, and their D-Line is mighty stout, but if we spread them out with the pass he will have huge holes. I expect about 130 yards and 2 TD's from Kendall, with Randall having about 70 yards. My grade, still A++ for Hunter, too bad he didn't get a third plus, and B- for everyone else.

Carrying the rock for A&M this years falls on sophomore Christine Michael. Michael was named the Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the Year. Michael had 844 yards and 10 TD's for those grass loving nuts. So far this season Michael has 57 carries for 331 yards and 3 TD's. A 5.8 YPC average and 110 yards a game are good stats, but considering it's against FIU, Stephen F Austin, and La Tech, it could be better. I'm not dogging him, but the top 2 backs in the conference (Hunter and Thomas) all have YPC averages above 6.5 (and Kendall's is a sick 7.9). I expect that against opponents like those he should have better starts. Against FIU Michael was A&M's workhorse, rushing 21 times for 121 yards and 1 TD. Backup Cyrus Grey (doesn't that sound like a sweet evil villain name from a Bond movie?) had 9 carries for 89 yards and 1 TD. I really don't have any clue what to expect from this group. From top to bottom our second stringers are better than the starters these boy's have faced so far. I think our defense, who see's Hunter and Randall all week at practice, will be more successful than the previous 3 defenses. I believe if we hold Michael and Grey to under 120 combined yards and 1 TD, we will win this game. If we let them run on us and grind the ball, slow down the game, we will be in trouble. My grade, B- (good numbers if they're against Texas or OU, but kinda low for weak opponents).




They're ready for more Blackmon

Well, another week, another game where Justin Blackmon made people his bitches. Eventually I'll be able to write "Blackmon played this week" and everyone will know we won the game. HIs stat's from the Tulsa game are like a video game. 6 snacks, 174 yards and 3 score's. The rest of the receivers finally showed up in a big way this week, with 11 receivers having more than 10 yards, 9 having more than 20, and 6 having more than 40 yards. Think about that for a second. Hell 5 players scored touchdowns. Blackmon had 3, Hubert Anyium had 2, Charlie Moore, Michael Harrison, and Josh Cooper each added one. That's freaking crazy. The MDMBW is growing confident in his receivers, and that is bad news for the rest of the Big 12. I'm not saying it's impossible to stop this offense, but without us having 6 turnover's its going to be damn tough. So far this year we have 975 yards receiving and 11 TD's, and Blackmon leads the country with 9 total TD's and 143.67 yards per game. Who says we don't have a Dez this year. You hear that Deion? Stay the fuck away. I mean it. What will it take to stop them? I think first, someone will have to be able to play man against Blackmon, and then run a zone on everybody else. If you double team Blackmon, that means linebackers will have to help cover, and so they will have to be further off the line in a zone. That open's things up for Hunter, which softens the coverage. Really, I think the key to stopping our offense is D-Line play. Those front 4 are going to have to get pressure on Weeden, and try and contain Hunter with minimal help. I think our biggest weakness could be scoring to fast, and letting our D get tired. But we had a good pace against Tulsa, with several 3 or 4 minute or longer drives. In a shootout with A&M, at home, I think we'll be okay. My grade, A (Blackmon has 19 +'s after his A, but as a corp just the A) Also, I have confirmation that last weekend Blackmon passed Hunter for most tail nailed this semester. Seem's just one not great game by Hunter was enough to give Blackmon the edge. Overall Blackmon is 2nd in the country behind Daniel Thomas (what else is there to do in Manhattan, really?)

Jeff Fuller is A&M's starting first receiver (the go 1,2,3 across the field). Fuller, a junior, has 18 receptions for 280 yards and 3 TD's this year. For his career Fuller has 1478 yards and 19 TD's, though he did miss 4 games last year. He's averaging 79 yards a game and 0.95 TD's per game overall. Now that's the high point for A&M. Second receiver Terrence McCoy hasn't had the best season so far, posting 2 receptions for 45 yards and 1 TD. McCoy, a senior, has a massive total of 34catches for 376 yards and 3 TD's. At best this kid should be a backup, but such is the state of A&M's receivers. The third starting receiver is Ryan Swope, and I think he's the best on the team. Swope, a sophomore, had 19 grabs for 172 yards and 1 TD last year. So far this year, he has 21 receptions for 202 yards, but no TD's. He has shown some ability, but isn't as experienced as Fuller. Really, none of the A&M receivers scare me. The backups are sophomore Brandal Jackson, sophomore Uzoma Nwachukwu (if you know how to pronounce that mother fucker let me know. I'm going to give him a nickname, I'm going with Bubbles) and sophomore Kenric McNeal. Jackson hasn't seen the field this year, but had 16 grabs for 272 yards and 1 TD last year. Bubbles has 5 receptions for 75 yards and 2 TD's this year, but last year had 40 grabs for 708 yards and 6 TD's, including a 143 yard 1 TD game against us. Bubble's may be the starter at the two spot this week, and he may end up being the best receiver on their team. McNeal had 6 receptions for 97 yards and a score last year. So far this year he has 2 grabs for 17 yards, and he also has 5 punt returns for 41 yards. Overall the receiver's have some decent players. But when people start throwing out adjectives like "decent", or "nice", or "plays hard", that usually means they're not going to be a major threat. I don't see how any single receiver will be able to take over the game and dominate us. My grade, C+ (again, just nothing special against weak opponents)

Offensive Line:




Anyone who saw the Tulsa game knows that was a close to a perfect game as an O-Line can play, except for not a lot of yards rushing. There wasn't much they could have done about that though, as Tulsa committed 7 to stopping the run at all times. As far as protection goes, Weeden had literally years in the pocket. I think at one point he went and got a grillaroni and some snatch, then realized the play was still going and came back and threw a TD. Weeden's rich ass should buy his line some sex for that. Big guys need love too, or at least take them to the Lair (I don't know if thats a reward or punishment anymore). Even the backups were able to give Chelf time. For a makeshift inexperienced (so they keep telling us) I think these boys have done awesome. Super Awesome. Manning the front (at least as of Wednesday) for the A&M game will be Nick Martinez, Levy Adcock, Grant Garner, Layne Talyor and Jonathan Rush. I don't have any specifics like pancakes or knockdowns or all that bullshit stat people love. All I know is this. So far this year we have rushed for 613 yards and 7 TD's, and have passed for 1175 yards and 13 TD's (tops in the nation, I might add). What else do you need. 3 game,s 1788 yards and 20 touchies.  We are averaging 596 yards of offense a game, and almost 7 TD's a game. For that to happen somebody on the line is doing their damn job. Weeden has only been sacked 4 times, and most of those are on him for holding on to the ball too long. Von Miller will be a challenge this weekend, so we will really see what this line can do. So far though, I like it. They will need to open holes for Hunter, and slow down guys like Von Miller for us to be successful. I'm thinking we will use the Hott V and have one of our RB/HB's back there in protection, just to watch our for Miller.  My grade, B (they couldn't help Kendall much this last weekend, and haven't faced a big time pass rush yet. In fact, they didn't face one against Tulsa).   




Texas A&M's line has problems. There is no other way to put it. They allowed Jigga to be sacked 6 times, in the first half, against FIU. However, they didn't allow any the second half. So far this year their O-Line has given up a total of 10. Now, I know what you're thinking, that Texas A&M has played some stiff defense's. And your right, they have. Starting with Stephen F Austin, who is 100th nationally, IN DIVISION 2. Following that are those hard hitting crazy motherfuckers of Loisana Tech, who are at least in the FBS. They come in at a mind numbing 104th overall in total defense. But we can't forget the toughest, meanest bastards of them all, the Florida International Panthers, who weigh in at 28th overall. Now, that last one wouldn't be so bad, except they're 101st in total offense and still only lost to A&M by 7, but that has more to do with A&M's defense. At least Jerrod Johnson has a career after football. Their line problems start with the fact they have 304lb true freshman Luke Joeckle starting at left tackle. At left guard is 304lb junior Evan Eike. At center we have 295lb senior Matt Allen. Beside him at right guard is 303lb sophomore Patrick Lewis. Rounding out the line is 303lb sophomore right tackle Brian Thomas. Starting a true freshman at left tackle is probably the last thing any coach wants to do, and he has two sophomores. Eike has played in 25 games, with 20 starts. Allen spent two years at LSU, redshirting one and spending the second on the practice squad before transfering to A&M. Allen has played in 8 games for A&M, making 6 starts, all at guard. Lewis made his first start last year against us, and went on to start the final 9 games. Thomas appeared in 8 games last year, all on special teams protection. Not a whole lot of starts at any position for Mike Sherman's "revamped" line. What does Sherman think about his line?

On the offensive line... "Matt Allen and Pat Lewis played pretty well. Our tackles will play better. They are both talented enough to play much better than they played. Evan (Eike) was steady. That group has to be measured collectively. And it wasn't good enough from what we expect from them. They did a great job and rallied in the fourth quarter when we needed them. It wasn't all them. We had some plays called where there was stunting and it caused them some problems. So it's not all them."

Well, not exactly high praise, but they didn't play particularly well. Apparently they've never practiced stunts before. But, they have an entire week to work on it, so I suspect they will play better. I don't know wether it will look better, if Richetti, Ugo, Ori, and Justin have a good day, I think we will be fine. I would love to see Ugo arrive and have a big game, something along the lines of 6 tackles, 3 for loss, and 2 sacks. Yeah, those are big numbers, but he talked a big game before the season, now it's time to back those up. I think the key to stopping A&M is our DE's, using them to pressure and contain Johnson. Overall, A&M's line isn't great, but they have had 3 games, and now a bye week to get better. For the season I'd give them a grade of C-, (but I think they'll be somewhere between C+/B- when they play us, if they can't get pumped for a primetime game on the road against a ranked opponent, then they cant get pumped.)


I think I have rambled on long enough, and probably all 7 of you who read this skipped down to here, and enjoyed my pics. I don't know what I expect from this game. It worries me that I think we are better than Texas A&M. I think they are over rated, and I think they will have problems on the road. They have struggled against inferior opponents all year, but they have had a bye week. If our DE's and LB's can get to Jerrod Johnson I think we will be fine. Our O-line must block Von Miller, or we will be in trouble. I think given time Weeden will crush their secondary, and Blackmon will continue being the best receiver in the country. Oklahoma State has survived the Troy game, a game in which I feel even last year, we lose. There is something about this team, and I don't know what it is yet. Maybe its have a 62 year old for a qb, but everyone on the offense is playing better than I expected. Especially Blackmon, he run possessed, no one takes him down of first contact, and Hunter run's like his life depends on it (and if he wants to go to the NFL, it does.) I said before the season started we would beat A&M, Nebraska, and OU at home, and I still think we will. I think we will expose A&M as a mediocre team, and I think we win by 2 TD's, 35-21 (I think it will be 14-14 at the half, and I still think we will cross 500 yards of total offense).

Lastly I'm putting up some links to the coaches presser for this week (editors not: this may already be available in "Lets Get Pasted". All props to sam if they are, and zero props if they're not)

Mike Gundy

Mike Sherman


THE 12TH MAN CAN'T HELP YOU IN THE BOONE BOWL! (cause he can't get cell phone reception)

I don't have any clue as to when I'll get to the defense, but it probably wont be up til Sunday or Monday, and it will be significantly shorter. I was going to wait til next week to post this one, but I figured it would take everyone 3 days to try and read this piece of shit, if they do at all. Any news or changes (such as depth chart) I'll put in the comments section, that way I can ensure it wont be empty.

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