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Yes indeed friends, Let's Get Pasted makes it's triumphant return! While most of you don't know how we save photos we use a lot, the LGP logo was buried, hell I think it took me longer to find the logo than it did to slap together your links. If you don't know, this is Missouri Hate Week, so, you know, make sure to let everyone from the show me state know how much they suck.

Oklahoma State:

ESPN's recap of the OSU/UT game is pretty good, but the best part is the stat's section. I suggest you check that out, if you need to see how a team wins by 12 but looks terrible doing it.

9 tackles and 2 sacks have earned Cowboys defensive end Jamie Blatnick Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week honors. If you didn't watch the game (and if you didn't, what the hell?), Blatnick was a man playing with boys (but not in a Catholic way), and is deserving of the honor. He is also the 4th Cowboy to earn player of the week honors. (Brandon Weeden, Quinn Sharp, and Justin Gilbert are the other 3)

Gina Mizell thinks the Cowboy defensive line is improving. I agree, but God damn we have to slow the run down. I'm finally starting to see the Bill Young that gave Robert Allen a hard on (give up tons of yards between the 20's, give up very few points), now that we finally are a bend but don't break defense, and very opportunistic (last couple of years we have been a bend, bend some more, bend a little bit more, and then finally break defense).

Barry Tramel is glad to see that the Cowboy offense is more than just W2B. Well damn son, I could have told you that weeks ago. Does anyone else get the sense that Tramel is perpetually drunk? Seriously, watch that video and tell me he's not smashed.

Pete Fiutak doesn't believe the computer rankings (which love them some OSU) don't mean much now. Perhaps he's right, but all that matters is win Saturday. No one will jump OSU if we win out.

Oh, and something we totally missed, Rickie Fowler captured his first career win two weeks ago. Sorry for the delayed news, but damn fine work Rickie.

Weeden2Blackmon host a twitter chat this Wednesday and Thursday at 12:30pm (Blackmon Wed, Weeden Thurs.)

Finally, Okstate.com has all the OSU/Mizzou notes you could possibly need.


Dave Matter reminds Tiger fans about the last time the Pokes came to town (that win was so much sweeter because the Missouri fans were complete assholes. But we'll get to that tomorrow.)

The Tigers got back on the winning track, beating the Natty soaked piss out of Iowa State 52-17 last Saturday. Regardless of how shitty their fans are, they are a tough team to play at home (just ask OU about that), but I think if our guys are fully focused Missouri is screwed.

RockMNation has every link you could ever need about Missouri's game against Iowa State (but seriously, like one would have done. Guess when you have a world renowned journalism school you can create that many articles about one game.)

Ever wonder what it's like to be a Missouri fan? Well, apparently it's a dark, scary place inhabited by idiots, who all somehow have inside sources. Just spend a few minutes, but don't get sucked in, you might not return the same. Basically, Texags for Mizzou fans (and there is no excuse for having a texags style site for your team).

General BCS:

If you don't know, OSU was ranked 4th in the initial BCS standings. Now you know.

David Ubben says style points no longer matter for the Sooners and Cowboys, just win baby.

That's about all I have for now, I'll try and work up a basketball heavy links dump for later in the week.

Go Pokes

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