Prediction Time! ISU vs. OU & The Iron Bowl

Doesn't seem as though Royal is going to do a Prediction Time! this week, so I thought I'd offer up this little tribute.

This is not the greatest Prediction Time! in the world... no

This is a tribute.

Couldn't remember the greatest Prediction Time! in the world... ohh

This is the Tribute... to the greatest Prediction Time! in the world


Besides hoping against hope that Iowa State can win an Oklahoma State Championship, OSU fans have some serious rootin’ to do this weekend.  It won’t be the same with the Cowboys on a Bye this week, but some fun can still be had as long as the beer’s cold.

The Warm-Up Act:

ISU at OU 11 a.m. Saturday on FX.  So picture this for a second: The Cyclones somehow were able to put last week’s rush-the-field big win behind them and get their minds right to do it all over again in Norman.  Meanwhile, the Gooners have decided that their season is over and that they cannot win without Broyles.  C’mon be optimistic.  It could happen.  And if it did, OSU would clinch the Big 12 Championship before Bedlam even kicks off.  Worst case scenario of a BCS bid to the Fiesta sounds pretty good, right?

The Main Event:

Bama at Auburn 2:30 p.m. Saturday on CBS.  WAR EAGLE BITCHES!  I know it’s hard to root for an SEC team, but at least Orange is one of Auburn’s colors.  If you’re like me, then you know all you care to about Bama, but you’ve kind of ignored Auburn this year.  They are 7-4 (4-3) and 4th in the SEC West.  The 4 losses were on the road at Clemson, Arkansas, LSU, and Georgia.  The Auburn Offense (345.3 yds 25.2 pts/game) is pretty not good.  The Defense (406.5 yds 28.2 pts/game) is only marginally better than OSU’s.  But screw all that statistical B.S. this is a rivalry game, there’s more hate seething between these fan bases than in the Red River Rivalry.  At least that’s what I hear.  Regardless, your sworn duty as Pokes fans this weekend is to go full retard rooting for Auburn.  You might say, “You never go full retard.”  In response I tell you this is a “cross the streams of our proton packs”, “go full retard”, “Ludicrous Speed” moment in the history of OSU Football.  We hafta get as crazy as those SEC folks because Auburn is our best shot at getting back into the top 2 of the BCS.  WAR EAGLE!

Predictions after the Jump:


  1. Final Score of the Iron Bowl? 
  2. How many times will we hear the word sharks during the ISU vs OU game?
  3. Total yards for Jared Barnett?
  4. How many different ways will the death of Harvey Updyke Jr. be depicted on Gameday signs?
  5. Total yards for Trent Richardson?
  6. How many Pickup Trucks will be parked within 5 miles of Jordan-Hare Stadium including those on jack stands?
  7. Best pickup line for an Auburn Cheerleader?
  8. How many miles will Joseph Randle have to carry the weighted football over the bye week to learn how to hold on to the damn ball?

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