Big 12 Power Rankings

STILLWATER, OK - OCTOBER 29: Head Coach Mike Gundy of the Oklahoma State Cowboys questions a call in the second half against the Baylor Bears on October 29, 2011 at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Oklahoma State defeated Baylor 59-24. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)

Yes, like all our other "weekly" or even "daily" features, we occasionally forget to post em for a few days (usually a few weeks). Anyhow, it's time for a Power Rankings. Using advanced mathematical analysis (adding) I have created our composite rankings, which I'll drop here, and then our individual votes and analysis after the jump.

Rank School Points
1 Oklahoma State 40
2 Oklahoma 35
3 Kansas State 33
4 Missouri 26
5 Texas 24
6 Texas A&M 22
7 Baylor 13
8 Iowa State 12
8 Texas Tech 12
10 Kansas 4


The only thing I don't like about this method is I had to actually give 4 points to Kansas. Follow us over the jump to see the effects of barley and bong resin on the human brain some analysis.


1 OSU. No explanation needed.
2 OU. No explanation needed.
3 k-state. No explanat.... Ok I'll stop doing that. No one wants to believe in k-state, and with their schedule being so backloaded there is good reason for it, but I'll keep them at 3 because they have beat some good teams and well. Laches Snyder teams are always scary.
4 Missouri  really? Fucking mizzou?  Is that who we have at #4?  I guess. What a messy middle of the conference.
5 Texas. Coming into their own. This marks the 3rd time this year I have thought that.
6 A&M still have talent, it just doesn't equal wins. Incidentally, I heard that mike Sherman went and played some golf yesterday. He shot even par on the front nine, then made the turn and just shit his pants
7 tech  I don't even know what the world means anymore. How can you beat a national contender on the road, then lose at home to a non-Steele jantze lead cyclone team?
8 Iowa state. The Steele jantze era appears to be over. Boo
9 Baylor. This is where a talented but bitchy an gets you.
10 Kansas. Faaaaarrrrrrttttttt!


1.OK State-Undefeated, #3 in the standings, best QB/WR/Stable of backs in the nation ...
2.K-State- They lost a game to a high ranked, supposedly talented team, not to Texas Tech.
3.Oklahoma- See #2.
----The Drop Offs-----
4.Texas With a blank of KU and the bully Oklahoma teams out of the way, UT is poised to rise in the rankings.  Mack Brown will get to keep his job, but no one (including UT fans) really cares about this one way or another.
5.Texas A&M  Laid a(nother) turd against Mizzou; now at the hardest part (except KU of course) of their schedule look for them to lose another couple and rest somewhere besides Baylor for their Big12 Swan Song.
6.Missouri-Beat A&M, but still "Pinstripe Bowl" bound. Good.
- has the talent to win three of last five, but probably won't.
----The "They have a football team this year?'s------
8. Iowa State-Will have to beat KU and upset one of OSU, OU, or KSU just to make a bowl.
9.Texas Tech- Will make bowl because they still have Baylor at home.  Nobody should be invited to a bowl for beating Baylor.
----The "Coaches under 450lbs need not apply"-----
10.Kansas- Turner Gill hasn't been able to show any sort of hope of a long career at KU.  Beating ISU would help just to at least have one conf. win this year, but Gill will probably still be fired at year's end.


1. OSU - Defeated and both sides of the ball are looking better and better each week.
2. OU - K State hung close for a half and then OU got pissed. I hope the sooners give OSU the same first half advantage.
3. K State - For now at least. I have a feeling this will change though as they face stiffer (giggle) competition.
4. Mizzou - Better than their record indicates. Their win in College Station proved that.
5. A&M - I really don't want to put them this high after losing at home...again. But I do think they are better than anyone beneath them.
6. Baylor - Even though OSU destroyed them, I think they will end up with a better record than Texas.
7. Texas - Wow. You beat Kansas. Congrats.
8. Iowa State - After destroying Tech in Lubbock, how could I list them beneath the Red Raiders?
9. Texas Tech - Maybe number 9 is a bit harsh but seriously, how do you beat OU in Norman and then get drilled a week later on your own field by Iowa State? Go sit in the corner!
10. Kansas - Really, I want to list them as 11th with "Air" grabbing the 10 spot before them. Absolutely awful.


1: Oklahoma State: only undefeated team left, only had one game all season that was close (A&M), and play every game determined. Can we lose? Sure, but beating us wont be easy.
2: Oklahoma: No real other option here, crushed a decent K State team on the road, and seem to be refocused after shitting their pants against Tech.
3: Kansas State: Took a huge drop after being dominated against OU, with games against Texas, Oklahoma State and A&M upcoming have a chance to fall hard.
4: Texas: Shutout Kansas, which doesn't mean much, but perhaps starting to play some decent ball (not good, but decent). Could really interchange any team from 3-8.
5: Missouri: Might start to turn the season around after a good win over Texas A&M, still have work to do make a bowl game, but should be able to find two wins with games remaining against Baylor, Tech, and Kansas.
6: Texas A&M: I was gonna just say sheep bangers and move on, but I'll give em a line or two. Chance at 7-5 very real with games left against Oklahoma and Texas. Considering they thought the were national championship caliber, season is a bust.
7: Texas Tech: Had a shot to move up in the rankings after a huge win against OU in Norman, then forgot they had a game against Iowa state.
8: Iowa State: Big big win on the road against tech, still need two win to make a bowl, but this weeks game against Kansas should help the cause.
9: Baylor: While it's indisputable that RG3 is the greatest quarterback in the history of football at any level ever, Baylor is still Baylor, and with a loss against mizzou this week will be in serious jeopardy of missing a bowl game. Ah Baylor.
10: Kansas: Couldn't compete in the sun belt. Damn they suck.


1: OSU: We're not gonna lose boys. 
2: OU: Going to get their asses beat again this weekend. 
3: KSU: Going to get their asses beat again this weekend. 
4: Texas: Should finish the year strong now that the big boys are out of the way. 
5. Missouri: The best shitty team in the country. 
6. Texas A&M: Gonna get their signature keep Mike around win this weekend. 
7. Baylor: Welcome back to reality Bears!
8. Texas Tech: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Really. 
9. Iowa State: Not looking good for Rhoads
10: Kansas: How the fuck are you this bad? We were scared of you 4 years ago, now this? 

Go Pokes Bitches

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