Oklahoma State Links: 11/30/2011

For three Cowboys, Bedlam goes beyond the rivalry - Sports - The Daily O'Collegian - Oklahoma State University

Don't judge OSU's Le'Bryan Nash by his body language | NewsOK.com
I'm speaking for myself here, but I don't care about his body language. I don't care what he says or how he acts. All I care about it how good of a basketball player he is and at this point, I think it's too early to say anything about it.

OSU football talking points | Tulsa World
Weeden reports that he recently has experimented with wearing a glove on his right hand - his passing hand. "I actually throw the ball better with gloves on," he said. "Way better with a glove on. I can spin the crap out of it."

Q&A with OSU's Jamie Blatnick | Tulsa World

Tailgating: Sooners prevail in Bedlam Tailgating Showdown | NewsOK.com
They obviously missed the CRFF tailgate when they were tallying the votes.

Pac-12 coach firings don't surprise Stanford's Shaw
No respect here. None at all.

Oklahoma football's ‘Belldozer' package continues to evolve | NewsOK.com
Bring it on Blake. If OU thinks they can win the game with a one trick pony, BRING IT ON.

OSU looking for ways to stop ‘Belldozer' | NewsOK.com
"We spend a lot of time on it," Young said of preparing for the short-yardage plays. "We'll see if it works or not." Gotta love the confidence from your defensive leader right?

Oklahoma State football notebook: Cowboy players not big on politicking, either | NewsOK.com
"I don't know how they figure it," Weeden said of the BCS standings. "But if we take care of business — and that's the first and foremost rule — the pieces have to fall where they may. It comes back to us. If we win them all, they can't keep us out, but unfortunately, we had a stumble."

Illegitimate BCS process holds game hostage - College Football - Rivals.com
The BCS formula is an exercise in nonsense. It always has been; it’s just more obvious this season, when there is a heated debate over the second-best team, the one that would meet LSU for the title.

Time Out for Nov. 29, 2011 | LSU | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
If you’re an LSU fan and aren’t crazy about a rematch between the Tigers and Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game, you can take comfort in this fact: It’s making Nick Saban sweat.

Twitter / @brendon_ocolly: #OKState, meet So. Guard Jenni Bryan
This is so awesome.

Top 25: LSU leaves ‘em in the dust - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports
I'm baffled by the insistence of the two BCS-sanctioned polls — not you, AP, you're good — on ranking Virginia Tech ahead of Oklahoma State. What are they looking at?

Texas And Texas A&M: A Strange Divorce In The Church Of Football - SBNation.com
Texas and Texas A&M played their final conference game on Thanksgiving and signed their divorce papers. Spencer Hall bore witness as everything got sort of sad and weird all at once.

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