No yOU Didn't!!!

Responding to OU's editorial ignorance!!!

This is my personal reply to the article the Oklahoma Daily exchanged with the O'Colly with beliefs that the articles would both be humorous and enjoyable in the angst of the approaching game we call "BEDLAM." (Both links to the articles at the end of my rant)

After reading the editorial published in The Daily O’Collegian sent by OU, I believe that this article is out of line. Whoever wrote the article about OU was humorous, making jokes about the rivalry and the mascot chosen long before by OU's founders. It seemed to me to be all in good rival spirits, which you can tell just by the choice of certain jargon used (“edumacation” and “gooner”), and the writers choice to poke fun at the Gaylord Journalism school since this is published in each other’s rival newspapers as a part of both journalism programs. Unfortunately, in my biases this article in return is mean and uncalled for. To factually state and make jokes about OU's record over OSU's in football is perfectly understandable, heck if I was a sooner fan I would brag about our record every time we approached Bedlam. Though quotes like this, "If we're honest, everything about Oklahoma State these days stinks of a sort of nouveau-riche (look it up) "look at me, look at me" desperation for attention that, in time, you'll find comes as no substitute for tradition or on-field success,” are pretentious and, despite the name of the article that insinuates that OU actually has class that OSU apparently lacks, shows that OU approves hypocrisy.

This article classifies OSU as part of a nouveau-riche group, which is derogatory in the sense that OSU’s new to the wealthy world and therefore is not as prestigious as OU’s own socioeconomic standing, which accounts for economic status and human dignity, that has been established for much longer. As an acting agent of OU, through writing for The Oklahoman, believes OSU doesn’t know how to humbly handle the hype. But clearly by this snooty writer’s assumption of OSU’s intelligence and knowledge of such words like “nouveau-riche” by arrogantly stating, “look it up,” proves his own ignorance of using this choice of classification. English translation of the opposite term is “old money,” which is a class of people that are well endowed from former generations that know how to act with humility in their gifts and positive rank. A person with humility would not publicly use an intellectual derogatory term while noting his own prevailing knowledge in attempt to make another person or group feel lesser than he, which ironically the word is misused by the Oklahoma Daily because of a misinterpretation of the definition. This in return disproves Mr. OU’s own insinuation that OU belongs to the “old money” group rank due to an absence of modesty and decorum.

Statements like the following from Brandon Weeden wishing well to OSU’s rival opponent, “My thoughts and prayers are with @RyanBroyles as he makes a speedy recovery. Great player but even better guy. Get well soon brotha!” and his acceptance of a loss, “As much as it stings we have to remember it's just a GAME. Learn from it and get better. Thank you for all the support! #GoPokes,” proves that OSU might have received a “facelift,” but they do not belong to the accused group. In no way is this article humble nor with character since it blatantly claims it’s superiority over OSU through statements of boasting about it’s past accomplishments, “You see, in Norman we know what it's like to prepare for and win championship-clinching football games. After seven national championships and 43 conference championships, it's kind of our thing,” and dishonorable digs at OSU for example, “Embrace the mediocrity that is your birthright, cowboys and cowgirls, and leave the spotlight to those who have earned it.” In the sense that I believe most persons and this editorials creator regard the definition of class as having character and humility, the previous quotes shows OU’s lack there of.

As a happy side note to this article OU, your football record might be superior to OSU, but our 50 NCAA national championships rank us 3rd in the nation, which makes it statistically unlikely that OU will ever catch up. You cannot catch up to a moving target unless you are moving at a faster rate. Considering the likelihood that your most notable athletic program at your school would have to figure out how to beat "lesser" teams, according to BCS polls, to even get a chance to reach another national championship, there is only a small chance OU's championships will catch up to OSU's record. But looking at the last 10 years since the beginning of 2001, all but 1 year has OU successfully beaten all the teams ranked beneath them, and still in that one year, 2004, they couldn't clinch the title against USC. So in comparison of athletic achievement between the two schools just in the last 10 years, OU has won 5 NCAA national championship titles, which were in a sport that OSU doesn't participate in (actually only 16 schools compete in men's gymnastics in the entire country), and OSU has won 7, all of which they competed against OU. So yes you might be the favorite when it concerns football (especially in the BCS and ESPN view points, whether or not speculated biases are present), but OSU is anything but mediocre. And I’m proud to say I’m a cowboy because we might just now be receiving attention for our well-earned football team, but records show that with or without recognition we have been successfully competing nationally over the last century throughout the entire athletic spectrum.

So bring it on Gooners! If the game is not entertaining, we still always know your fan base will!!!

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