Not saying I don't like Coach Ford...

...but I AM saying I don't like his coaching.

End of season results aside, look at how his teams play.

Offensive and defensive organization are non-existent. Previous teams with Eaton, Anderson, Moses, etc, featured players who got their feet wet under a troubled, but DISCIPLINE oriented coach, whose background and training was about doing the basic things REALLY REALLY well. Ford obviously benefited from that.

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So here are Fords 3 previous season records...

  • 2008-2009...23-12 NCAA
  • 2009-2010...22-11 NCAA
  • 2010-2011...20-14 NIT

Not a drastic drop, but declining results none the less. He has now worked his way out of all but one player from prior coaches (Keiton Page), and should have some sophmores and juniors starting to run HIS show. He brought in at least one, if not two, of the most heralded freshmen in the history of the program for this season.

And what does he have to show for it? Complete disarray.

A 6-5 record with no wins over "name" programs (UTSA did make the NCAA tourney last season). A team that looks like nothing of the sort. Not a single "go to" player on the roster. A team supposedly built to run, but can't stop opponents in the halfcourt to create those opportunities. Players who lack sound fundamentals and discipline, as witnessed once again by horrible shot selection and silly to's when Alabama was giving them EVERY chance to be in that game tonight. No "money" shooters.

Find me one person who believes with all their heart that this team will finish better than 7th in the Big 12. Ask me, and I'll tell you that they are way more likely to finish 8th or worse...10th would not be a complete shock to me.

Ok, fine, Ford has a couple more high-powered recruits coming in for next let him have another year. I'm not buying in. I will ALWAYS opt for a really good coach over really good players. Bring me someone like Brad Stevens at Butler...or how about a Sutton? Scott, to be exact. Bring me somebody who has proven that they can do a lot with a little. For me, basketball is WAY more dependent on the coach for success...only 5 players on the floor vs 11 in football...means the coach can have a MUCH greater influence on the game.

This is shaping up to be a REALLY long break between the Fiesta Bowl and the start of spring practice.

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