Pokes in the NFL

I know this isn't much, but at least it's something: I was at the NFL preseason opener between the Dallas Cowboys and the Denver Broncos in Cowboy Stadium. First of all, that place is fucking insane. I thought the Cotton Bowl there was awesome, but fill it with 70,000 Dallas fans (and a few of my fellow Broncos) and it goes crazy. Anyway, I'm off topic...

I don't know how many (if any) of ya'll care about what OSU alumni do after the NFL Draft, but I do. So, here's a small update from the game:

Orie Lemon and Dan Bailey were signed as undrafted free agents by the Cowboys after the new CBA was signed. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just stop reading. For those of you still with me, Dan is listed as the second string kicker behind David Buehler. If you watch Dallas football at all, you will remember that Buehler sucks a big fat one and pretty much lost them the game against Arizona last year by missing a PAT (yeah, it happened). Being a preseason game, Dan got alot of playing time and he looked sharp as ever (sans awesome orange/yellow/duct tape shoes). So, it should stand to reason that he will be sent packing and Dan will be the full time kicker for the Dallas Cowboys for years to come.

Lemon is currently slotted as the number four Right Inside LB. This would normally be a sign that he will not make the final roster cut, but he played several series and recorded at least two solo tackles, both of which were near the line of scrimmage. With more preseason time and a little luck, he will get regular season time and be around for more than a minute.

Dez (remember the guy that came before JB?) Bryant played in the first series, but didn't do much. It's ok. His starting role with Dallas is a lock.

DeMarco Murray didn't play (drafted out of OU, so who gives a shit what the overrated fucker did/didn't do, right?). I pretty sure the injury report listed that he had a torn vagina...

So, that's all the Dallas Cowboys that used to be OSU Cowboys (and one fucking gooner.) On to the Broncos (there's only two:

Perrish Cox is listed as the 2nd string CB behind Champ Bailey (no relation to Dan). If you've ever watched the Broncos, they've only got a few decent people on defense and Champ is one of them. So, Cox got to play in this preseason game for a bit and came away with an interception. However, Perrish is slated to move down the depth chart as other guys come back from injury. Combine that with a sexual assualt charge that could put him away for life (Colorado doesn't fuck around when it comes to fucking around), and Cox may just be on his way out of Denver... (Resist urge to make penis joke...)

The only other current Bronco that was formerly an OSU Cowboys is left DT Ryan McBean. He's been in the NFL for 4 years and that is like an eternity is college ball, so I doubt anyone remembers him. Still, he's not bad and just signed a contract keeping him with the Broncos at least another year.

The Denver Broncos kicker, Matt Prater, went to UCF, but in a minor awesome side note, he got arrested last week for a DUI hit-and-run with a hooker "stripper" in the car.

That's all the NFL talk I can handle right now. Keep in mind I may have missed some game notes because I was totally drunk about the time that Tebow starting freaking out and running around. Damn it, being a Broncos fan is actually alot more difficult to optimistic than being an OSU fan. OSU got 7 mores wins than Denver last year and played 3 less games. Fuck it; GO POKES.

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