The Week That Was | CRFF Weekly Roundup


Welcome to the CRFF Weekly Roundup. This is a feature that runs every Friday afternoon and serves as your recap of the weeks developments in all matters Oklahoma State, CRFF, and the newest Twilight movie.

CRFF Comment(s) of the Week
A shout out to the best comment(s) of the week.  There are two categories, most rec's (self explanatory), and editor's choice (we pick our favorite).


From the post: SB Nation iPhone App Available
So far, I believe this is the comment of the year with 6 recs. Anytime you can praise a website, praise the technology it comes out with, and discuss your bowel movements, you are going to get some recs. This is commenting 101 folks. Congrats on the COW IPO!


From the post: Masturbation Aids for Each Big 12 Fanbase
A lot of great ones to choose from this week, and it was a toss up between this comment and Upgrayedd's very first comment from the same post, but in the end I had to (for the very first time) award the COW to a non-Poke. BrooklynHorn's vivid description of Kansas took me back to a year ago when I was reading The Road and was lost for days in the darkness of the language Cormac McCarthy uses to describe a terrible place.  What I am saying is that this comment is a great cliff notes version of The Road, and Kansas is a great stand-in for a post-apocalyptic world.  Great work BrooklynHorn, enjoy your COW.

The news is still a little light, but what news there was is briefly skimmed after the jump

In weekly Aggie-barf: now they say they are intending to leave the Big 12. Oh, and SMU wants into the Big 12.

The latest arbitrary pre-season poll was released, and the only notable changes for the Pokes is that we switched places with A&M, and Texas is not ranked.

Introduction to the DOK's new OSU beat writer, Gina Mizell. She tells a little bit about herself and compares some OSU things to some ASU things. Make of that what you will.

Oklahoma State is officially on pace to break their season ticket sales. As of Wednesday they were at 44k, with 100% of club level being sold (which obviously is the biggest money maker). The previous record was just under 46k in 2009.  Incidentally, the CRFF club seats are still located at Stonewall.

Bodog's odds to win the Big 12 conference came out, and it was yet another indicator that the general public isn't as high on the Pokes this season as we all are (what's new?).
Oklahoma 4/9
Texas A&M 5/1
Texas 13/2
Oklahoma State 9/1
Missouri 14/1
Baylor 18/1
Texas Tech 20/1
Kansas State 35/1
Iowa State 100/1
Kansas 150/1

A nice preview of the Cowboy's outlook this season from our buddies over at Barking Carnival.

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