WVU/Oklahoma State Animated Drive Chart and Thoughts from Stillwater


An animated drive chart that unfortunately, didn't break the compiler and a few thoughts from God's Country.

- Mike Gundy might be a horrible evaluator of QB talent. How is this possible?? I have no idea but his record speaks for itself. Brandon Weeden was #3 on the depth chart just a few short years ago And what's with the "All 3 QBs have been cleared by the doctor" talk? I thought Walsh was out for the year? Gundy is clearly holding on to any mystique he can possibly muster in the current age of blogs breaking things before the "official sources". Bottom line here is we have 3 very solid QB's and I think most of that credit goes to Todd Monken.

- If you sell large scale audio/video solutions in Oklahoma, you are failing as a salesperson. I sat in the Southeast corner and could not hear a single thing all day. I also couldn't really see what down it was, where the ball was, etc..Can we bring back the old school scoreboard with this info on it? I think it would be both nostalgic and informative. I know the audio thing has been discussed but it is absolutely abysmal. It's the equivalent of having a 1980's style tape deck in your 2012 Lexus. Who's responsibility is this?

- The Oklahoma State defense played well. The stats don't necessarily show it but those guys played with heart and intensity the entire game. My defensive game ball goes to #7 Shamiel Gary. That kid make some huge plays and seemed to be having a great time in the process. Incredibly refreshing to see that kind of energy.

- Why doesn't Justin Gilbert get any offensive snaps? I'd like to see at least 3-4 a game.

- Holgs is Holgs is Holgs. I honestly think he cares more about catching the other team off guard and calling "smart plays" that he does winning the games. He also still doesn't care about running the ball too much. Give credit to West Virginia though. They were down by 2 scores on the road and fought back.

- Speaking of West Virginia, I'm glad they are in the Big 12. I can't wait to visit Morgantown next season. Great fans and a great program. Slightly better than Colorado.

- This team has a real shot at going 9-3. Think about that! We're playing with our third string QB and have lost 2 of our best WR's!

Overall a very solid win after the loss in Manhattan. I said it last week but I'll say it again. This is a rebuilding year. The loss last week was a rebuilding year type of loss. This week was different though and could have gone either way. West Virginia was a top 5 team with a Heisman QB just a few weeks ago and we beat them by 20 points. I think this team will win the games they should win and I still think they'll beat someone they shouldn't....

We'll have full coverage of the Tech game throughout this week. Herpes for everyone! Go Pokes.

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