FULL RECAP: Oklahoma State 59, Texas Tech 21


Here is something that Cowboy fans only imagined prior to last Saturday.

In 2011, it was "Lacerations in Lubbock."

2012 turned out to be "Stitches in Stillwater."

If anyone (me) thought Tech would show up at BPS with ANY kind of chip on their shoulder from last year's debacle, then they (me) were sadly mistaken.

If the Cowboys had so desired, they could have matched their point total from last season. Maybe even exceeded it.

It was a tale of two halves...that is, two different halves from the Cowboys.

Almost all Chelf to Anderson (who was 1 horrible drop short of a 4 TD, 200+ yard performance) in the first 2 quarters, then OSU went the entire 2nd half without completing a pass. Didn't need to. Still outscored Tech 24-7.

That's an evisceration.

In a season where the Cowboys have constantly lost the turnover battle, they won it EMPHATICALLY on Saturday. In a season where special teams (other than Quinn Sharp) had been less than stellar, OSU got 2 blocked punts, with 1 returned for a TD when the game was already decided. In a season where the defensive line's pass rush was missing at times, Seth Doege was running for his life.

OSU and Tech had been "brothers," so to speak, in the turnover and penalty categories. The Cowboys showed that they had matured a bit in those areas while the Red Raiders committed more of the same errors that have cost them dearly in the past month.

The Cowboys scored easily on their first possession, and we saw Lazarus rise from the dead to assist on the TD. Then came four consecutive combined punts and a Tech TD to start the 2nd quarter. OSU folks, including me, were sitting anxiously. This tweet told the story...

Never fear, Anderson is here.

And the Monken trick play express...and a timely slip by a Tech defender...and an interception...and a blocked punt.

In a span of less than 9 minutes in the 2nd quarter, the Cowboys scored on Anderson catches of 60, 33, and 66 yards, threw in a 2 yard run by Lazarus, and it was pretty much over. Tech added a TD on the last full possession of the half, but ANY hope was snuffed by the Castleman interception on the opening possession of the 2nd half.

After scoring to tie the game, Tech did this on their next 11 possessions to end the game: 6 punts and 3 turnovers. That included six "3 and outs."

For the game, the Red Raiders had 14 possessions:

  • 8 punts (2 blocked, 1 returned for a TD)
  • 7 "3 and out"
  • 3 turnovers
  • only 3 drives lasted longer than 6 plays, and one of those ended in a punt.
And for all the Anderson highlights, he only caught 4 passes. Oklahoma State only had 12 completions for the entire game, but they averaged almost 20 yards per catch.

This was a game of oddities:
  • a non-existent and injury plagued wide receiver goes for a career day;
  • a QB left for dead, holding a clipboard and getting virtually no snaps, very efficiently directed his 2nd, 50+ point demolition of a once proud opponent;
  • another QB, granted 2nd fiddle status, who stepped in for the injured king to be and leads the team to 3 wins in four games, suffers a "season ending" knee injury three weeks ago in a performance that will go down in legend. Oh yea, BTW, he appeared in this game to nail down 2 TD's, one passing and ONE RUSHING.
For the first time since ULL, we know who the starter will be for the next game. A third different QB will start his 3rd consecutive game this season.

And the train keeps rolling.

And OSU has it's 7th consecutive winning season for the first time in school history.

And Tech sucks.

And Bedlam is here.

Bring it.


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