Here are some innocuous and interesting Bedlam stats that I trotted out last year. I have updated based on last year's ass whipping. Enjoy!

All information below was extracted from the Bedlam Series page on Wikipedia.

Series record…OU leads 82-17-7 (106 games)

  • teams have played every year since 1910
  • series officially started in 1904, but teams didn’t play in 1905 & 1909
  • 1st game was played in Guthrie
  • OKC hosted Bedlam 7 times, the last in 1944

Best 10 year stretch for OSU

  • 5-2-3 (1924-33)
  • 5-5 (1995-2004)

Worst 10 year stretch for OSU…1950′s (’51-’60)

  • no wins, scored a TOTAL of 47 pts for the DECADE
  • lost consecutive games 53-0, 53-0, 53-6
  • Avg score…38-5
  • Closest game…7-0, 1958

Longest winning streaks

  • OU…19 (1946-64)
  • OSU…2 (5 times)

NOTE…In 2011, the Cowboys stopped a Sooner winning streak in Stillwater for the first time ever.

Fewest points…both teams have scored 0 points on numerous occasions, 4 of those being ties prior to 1943.

  • OSU…32 times (most recent, 2009)
  • OU…11 times (most recent, 1995)

Most points OU

  • 75 in inaugural Bedlam, 1904 (an omen?)
  • 50+ 14 times
  • 60+ 8 times
  • 70+ twice

Most points OSU

  • 47 in 1945 win
  • 44 in 2011 win
  • 41 three times, two of those in losses

Total Points Scored

  • Total…4,081 (38.5/gm)
  • OU…2,936 (27.7/gm)
  • OSU…1,145 (10.8/gm)

Total Points in the last 30 years

  • Total…1,350 (45/gm)
  • OU…827 (27.6/gm)
  • OSU…523 (17.4/gm)

Total Points in the last 10 years

  • Total…641 (64.1/gm)
  • OU…381 (38.1/gm)
  • OSU…260 (26/gm)

Average score of game over the history of Bedlam

  • Winner…29.8
  • Loser…8.7

Average score over last 30 years

  • Winner…31.3
  • Loser…14.7

Average score over the last 10 years

  • Winner…42.5
  • Loser…21.6

Average score over the last 5 years

  • Winner…45.6
  • Loser…21.8

Average score in

  • Norman...32.4 - 7.1
  • Stillwater...30.2 - 12.1

OU's average winning score

  • Norman...34.4 - 6.8
  • Stillwater...31.7 - 12.3

OSU’s average winning score

  • Norman...22.4 - 8.4
  • Stillwater...22.6 - 11.1

Over time, the games have not been that close, regardless of the winner.

OSU’s average winning score…

  • Overall…22 – 8.9
  • Last 30 years…36.6 – 12
  • Last 10 years…41 – 19

OU’s average winning score…

  • Overall…33.6 – 9
  • Last 30 years…32.3 – 14.9
  • Last 10 years…42.9 – 22.3

Interesting that, regardless of the winner, the losing teams avg about the same amount of points.

In the era of overtime, all games have been decided in regulation.

In the last 30 years the margin of victory has been

  • 3 pts or less…5 times (17%)
  • 4-7 pts…3 times (10%)
  • 10-19 pts…12 times (40%)
  • 20 pts or more…10 times (33%)

In the last 10 years…

  • 3 pts or less…once (10%)
  • 4-7 pts…twice (20%)
  • 10-19 pts…once (10%)
  • 20 pts or more…6 times (60%)

So, based on recent and not so recent history, chances are we get a blowout.

OSU victories (17) have taken place in

  • Stillwater…7
  • Norman…8
  • OKC…2

Of OSU’s 17 wins, only 4 have come against ranked OU squads, but 3 of those have been in the last 11 years.

It took 12 years for OSU to get its first Bedlam victory. Since then, 5 times the Cowboys have gone 10+ years before getting their next victory.

Prior to 2011, ten of OSU’s 16 wins have come in back to back games…but OSU has not won back to back starting with Stillwater since 1932-33. The Cowboys won back to back in 1944-45, but the first win was in Oklahoma City.

The 3 times OSU won back to back games since 1945, the first one was in Norman.

1946-1994 (48yrs)…"Era of Futility"…OSU had 3 wins.

Since 1938 (75 games, counting this year), team rankings have been

  • Both teams ranked…12
  • OU ranked/OSU not ranked…40
  • OSU ranked/OU not ranked…3
  • Neither team ranked…20

Of the 52 times since 1938 that OU has come into the game ranked in the top 25, 2012 will mark the 21st time OU has been ranked outside the top 5.

This will be

  • the 15th time that OSU comes into Bedlam ranked in the top 25
  • the 7th time in the last 10 years

NOTE…the Cowboys have only won Bedlam three times when ranked. Also, OSU has only won once when both teams were ranked.

Since 1945 (only 3 games prior to ’45 had official attendance listed), the official total attendance for Bedlam is 3,591,823. The two largest home crowds for either team have come in the last two meetings.

  • Largest OU crowd…2009…85,606
  • Largest OSU crowd…2011…58,141
  • Overall avg…53,603

While the teams usually alternate home fields each year, 2011 marked only the 3rd time one side has hosted consecutive games since 1941.

  • 1968-69…Stillwater
  • 1986-87…Norman

That’s it for now…


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