So here we are, only two weeks left in the Big 12 schedule, and our current standings are as follows...

WEEK 8 3 4.5 5.5 5 3.5 3.5
WEEK 9 3.8 4 7 5.5 5.5 2
WEEK 10 2.6 6.5 2 4 3 2.5
WEEK 11 5.25 5.25 7 7 6 5
WEEK 12 1.6 2 3 3 3 2
TOTAL 16.25 22.25 24.5 24.5 21 15

Royal and Whetsell are locked in a heated battle, with King and Cincy hanging around.

The results from last week...

King Royal Whetsell Cincy T-G-S Actual
OU @ WV WV 45-42 OU 48-35 OU 55-17 WV 31-28 OU 38-31 (OT) OU 50-49
Iowa St @ Kansas Iowa St 21-20 Kansas 24-21 Kansas 21-17 Iowa St 28-14 Kansas 28-21 Iowa St 51-23
K-State @ Baylor K-State 35-31 K-State 42-38 K-State 62-24 K-State 44-10 K-State 38-21 Baylor 52-24
Tech @ OSU OSU 45-31 OSU 38-24 OSU 41-24 OSU 38-17 OSU 45-33 OSU 59-21
Bye - Texas & TCU
TOTAL 2 3 3 3 2 1.6

So, as we go into week 13, it looks like nobody will really make any big moves...

Sam King Royal Whetsell Cincy T-G-S
Bye - K-State & KU WHO CARES
TCU @ Texas
WV @ Iowa St
Baylor @ Tech
BEDLAM OSU 42-38 OSU 42-28 OSU 44-17 OSU 24-13 OSU 34-25


OSU 42 blOU 38- I hate OU. I hate that Courtney Paris never replayed her scholarship, if she did she'd have to switch from a big mac to a happy meal and she needs to drop a few pounds. I hate the color red it reminds me of period blood. I'd hatefuck Sherri Coale til she quacked like a duck. I hate OU, and I'm proud.


OSU 42 - OU 28 The Oklahoma State defensive front seven puts pressure on Landry for most of the day which hurts the Sooner passing game. On the other end, Randle, Smiff, and Co. have a field day against a subpar OU run defense. CCCMFC's wheels frustrate the Sooner pass rush as he is able to make several plays while escaping the pressure out of the pocket.


The only major change since last season's demolition of OU in Stillwater is the departure of Weeden and Blackmon (and BTW, neither scored any points last year). The only problem OSU has had in road losses this season is turnovers. Minus those pesky things, Cowboys roll 44-17.


OSU 24 OU 13. OSU plays well defensively and frustrates Landry for most of the game. Cowboy coaches make this a game of fundamentals, running the ball well and burning clock. Oh, and Fuck OU.


OSU 34 - OU 24 OSU will be down at half, but will have a strong 3rd
quarter and will take the lead for the rest of the game.
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