4 Tourney Teams CRFF will adopt while Oklahoma State sits at home

Mar 3, 2012; Nashville,TN, USA; Murray State Racers celebrate defeating the Tennessee State Tigers 54-52 during the second half of the finals of the 2012 Ohio Valley Conference tournament at Municipal Auditorium. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE

First things first. If you like filling out brackets, I can't say enough about the Yahoo! Tourney Pick 'Em. I've been loyal to them for years and it's still great. SB Nation has partnered with them this year for what they are calling the Yahoo!/SB Nation Bracket Challenge, "Wisdom of Crowds" Head over there to set up your league or just click here

Now, on to the 4 teams that will will be adopting, since our beloved Cowboys are sitting at home.

West Region - Murray State Racers

In the West, we have Michigan State as the #1 seed. Missouri is at #2, Marquette is #3, Louisville is the 4, New Mexico is at 5 and the Murray State Racers sit at #6. Give me the Racers. At 30-1, it will be interesting to see if these guys are the real deal. I'm of the belief that it's hard to win 30 games and only lose one, regardless of your conference. The Racers have wins over Dayton, Memphis and Southern Miss. Go Racers!

East Region - West Virginia Mountaineers

In the East, you've got Syracuse at the 1 seed and at first glance, not much else. That leaves plenty of room for us to support the Mountaineers of West Virginia. We've always loved Bob Huggins and they are our Big 12 brothers now so it really makes perfect sense. At the 10 seed, things won't be easy, but we have faith. Brig it home Huggy Bear!

Midwest Region - Kansas Jayhawks

The Midwest Region has North Carolina in the 1 spot and Kansas in the 2. Aside from those two, there's not much to see here. Got to go with the Big 12 again. Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

South Region - Wichita State Shockers

Kentucky sits atop the South Region. Can't really go with them. Duke is the 2. Fuck Dook. Baylor is the 3 seed. Eff Baylor and their cheating asses. Indiana is the 4 seed and while I don't have anything against them (other than Calvin Simpson coaching there at one point) I can't get behind them. That leaves nothing else but the SHOCKERS of Wichita State. All joking aside, and there will be plenty of it, the SHOCKERS are a good team. Give me the SHOCKERS. Give 'em all the Shocker!

We will attempt to cover these teams with the same laziness intensity you would see if Oklahoma State was in the tourney.Think of it as practice for when we make a final four run next year. Oh and it will keep us busy at "work"

Full team profiles and analysis coming very soon. Get excited. Wear a Shocker shirt to work. Tell everyone you've been a Murray State fan since the mid 90's. It's March Madness!

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