Cowboy's Shaping up for 2012

Howdy Pokes Fans (and those skulking potty mouthed losers from Crime Scene and Cremed),

Let's look at how the 'Boys are shaping up before we get to the competition in a following fan post.

How can you consider naming starting Frosh QB? First never ever forget our OLine. Wickline's squad's have given up an average of 11 sacks/season for the last 5 seasons. That's just under 1 sack per game on average so when you hear other fans yapping about "going to kill the kid", tell'em to shut the fup and bring it if they've got it. They've haven't for 5 years, how's this year different? And if things start to heat up for the KID, drop in Walsh or Chelf in some zone read packages.

I'm not one to blindly go on faith so let's look at this decision by Gundy. KID QB is a monumental stud or he wouldn't even be in the running for the starting slot with Chelf and Walsh as competition. HS perf doesn't always translate directly to the next level, but it is safe to assume his chances of being a stud Big 12 QB are highly possible given his +7,000 yards, +73% completion %, 65 TD's, all on 8 Int's. Would you bet against Gundy coaching up his QB's?

Jump - Take the Leap!

Running game... Again, you'll hear lots of fans rave about their rushing attacks. Do they have the leading rusher in the Big 12 returning? Nope. Most would kill to have our #1b Mr. SMIFF as their sole starter. We'll see Desmond Roland making some moves as well. Another stud speedster is Caleb Muncrief. He only racked up 1800 yards and 24 TD's his HS Sr year. I would settle for a 2/3 drop off for 6-8 TD's out of Muncrief.

Receivers... They're getting bigger and faster across the board. Torrance Carr and Blake Jackson are big bodies inside. Shake-n-Bake Stewart is even more elusive than Coop was. Then look at the outside with Tracy, Charlie, Anderson, and Frosh stud CJ Curry. These guys can easily overload all but the best coverage units if KID QB can find them (which Gundy thinks he can). The rest of the WR depth chart is also bigger and faster than we've ever had before. Seales 6'2", Hayes 6'3", Sheperd 6'1", and speedster Webb. They're all high 4.4 sprinters. Life is good eh?

Now the Defense. Let's look at the 2 deep rotations since Young rotates players constantly and with having the 116th worst time of possession, the 2's took ALOT of snaps last season.

DT's - 3 of 4 are back. Just who was able to run up-the-gut on us successfully last season? Mighty Horns? Not when it counted. Baylor's G-way? Not when it counted. Gooners? Shut down. Aggies Michael/Gray? 100 yards between the pair - ha!

DE's - 2 of 4 are back. We do lose the embarrassingly (for the competition) studs Blatnick and Jones. This is the only real area for concern.

LB's - 5 of 6 return. Lewis gets the most press, but remember all those tackles and forced fumbles by Elkins, Lavey, Mitchell, and Johnson? These are likely the best LB squad in the Big 12 regardless of media hype. They're fast enough to drop into coverage and how many times did anyone get around the edge on us last year? Not even the 4.3 tracksters you hear about were able to cut the corner on these guys.

DB's - 6 of 8 return. Gilbert and Brown are arguably the best pair in of Corners in the pass happy Big 12. Each have 5 picks and several near picks. Brown is on both the Thorpe and Nagurski watch lists for very good reasons, as shuld be Gilbert as well. Safety's won't miss a beat with Lowe, Cooper, Craig, Maselera and transfer Gary in the rotation.

Special Teams - Can you say Quinn "The Leg" Sharp? And oh that coverage team absolutely loaded with 4.3-4.4 sprinters.

Let's look at our world renowned horrible Defensive rankings from last year, but let's break down the stats that really matter. You'd think the moronic fans from the "best defensive teams" in the Big 12 didn't watch Moneyball (good movie).

Points Allowed in Conference Play: You think this one might be a little bit more important than all the lame arsed quotes you hear the Horns fans waggling about their D (they're covering for a lame Offense)? You guessed it, OKState gave up the least points in the Big 12 in Conf play.

Turn Over Margin: OKState #1 by a long shot. Young knows how to make this happen. Team speed, play calling and coaching. Screw playing "shut down" D, when your Soft Zone results in few points and loads of turn-overs.

Time of Possession: OKState was #116 in the nation. While infuriatingly frustrating (as during Fiesta Bowl), who cares if the D doesn't give up points? Worst team in the nation was Oregon and they don't do so badly either. Think about it?

Redzone D - OKState #1 by a slim margin over the Gooners.

And even the Points Allowed is misleading. How many big time offenses did our D literally CRUSH? Let's list them by name and national ranking:

#2 - Baylor - 3 pts allowed for the first 3 quarters. Beatdown on the Heisman Trophy winner and the Big 12's leading rusher Ganaway. Crushing victory.

#5 - Sooners - Hmmm, score was 44-3 going into the 4th quarter. I'd say that ole Sooner Magic needs a new set of chicken bones when facing the Cowboys. And guess who's back? Yup, ole Chili Britches put on absolutely the most embarrassing QB performance be a "good" QB in Big 12 history. Think maybe it was the constant bulldoging by the OKState D? (That will get the Skulking Crime Scene and Creamery punks riled up).

#7 - A&M - Ugly first half. Total dominated the Aggies in the 2nd half (like everyone else did as well). Chalk up a W for the 'Boys.

#8 - Stanford - Dog fight of a game. Cowboy's sent first rounder Luck off with a farewell L.

#12 - Mizzou - Beatdown of going away party.

#16 - Arizona - Crushed one of the Top 5 passers in the nation.

Should we be "scared" of WVU's passing attack? Just ask some the best passers in the nation from last year. Chili Britches Jones (0 TDs), Doege (0 TDs), Foles (not a good day), RT, and Heisman Winner (0 TD's for 3 Q's) would probably give Geno a few warnings on airing it out against the Cowboy's.

Time to wrap. What's it all mean? First our D was actually one of the best, if not the best in the Big 12. Our Big 12 competition is living "Inside the Mind of John Malkovich" if they don't think the Cowboy's will roast them again this year.

(Stats courtesy of

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