Sunday Rumblings On Dez Bryant

I wanted to ramble on for a few moments on some of this past weeks OSU related topics. It helps the hangover. I'm sweating like RA on his 4th trip to the buffet line. Allegedly of course. Anyways enough about me. I hate the off-season and regular reminders that we're still in the off-season are everywhere. It's a million degrees, Big 12 media days start tomorrow, the media preseason poll was released and Dez made the news. The off-season is the worst.

Anyways, Kyle Porter has a nice take on Dez and if you haven't already go read it at his blog PistolsFiring. In fact, you should read PF every day. I do, and I'm worth emulat.....HA! couldn't get it out with a straight face. You've never met me and I am not a role model. Neither are athletes, now or in the past. Seriously, go read a biography of Joe DiMaggio and tell me that guy is or was worth emulating. Only difference between now and then is today the real news actually gets out. These days athletes aren't molded like clay by writers whose return we oddly seem to long for.

I'll start this with big bold words: WHAT EVER THE LAW DECIDES FOR DEZ HE DESERVES IT. HE AND HE ALONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS OWN ACTIONS. That said, I've never hit a woman and I had a father growing up. I've also got a mom, a real one not just some lady who birthed me. All Twitter jokes aside, I'm a reasonably socialized individual. All those things are related.. Dez has overcome a mountain of things that I can't imagine. Honestly, knowing what we know about his upbringing I'm surprised it took him this long to get arrested. Your parents are the most important teachers you'll ever have in your life. What if you had none?

I'll get ripped but say it anyways. The folks most upset about Dez hitting his mom are confusing their mom with his and putting their upbringing into his life. IF and it's not a big if knowing her history, but if she were doing something illigal and Dez found out is it totally unforgivable that he snapped? If my mom left me basically homeless, got arrested for crack twice and I was financially supporting her anyways, I have to admit I might also be in jail.

Like Kyle, I love Dez in that his athletic performance made me incredibly happy and we agree that athletes are not usually people you want to be like. But, Kyle and I differ in that Dez's situation doesn't make me feel sad. What it does is make me thankful that I have two wonderful parents. I also can't say he's one of my favorites either. How the guy got into OSU, how he stayed eligible, how he stayed out of trouble for two years are all questions I don't want asked around the football offices. The more time that OSU puts between Dez's time on campus and the university the better off the university will be.

Let's end this whole depressing thing on a positive note. Big Brothers Big Sisters does amazing work matching mentors with children in need. It's a fantastic program that I was proud to be a part of in Stillwater. It doesn't take a big financial commitment, what matters most is the time. They're always in need of males especially. Head here and find your local office. Sign up, have a positive influence on a life that really needs one.

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