Week 3 in College Football, and the grocery list.

ESPN Nation thinks the Pac 12 is ahead of the Big 12 this year. I would agree...especially since they seem to have worked things out with their officials. Image courtesy of US Presswire, Getty Images

Time to get some errands done.

Why not? I mean, it's as good a time as any since there isn't much in the way of marquee college football taking place this weekend.

Follow the jump for the short list (REALLY short) of games to track this weekend.

The top 25 is providing a FEW intriguing match ups.

  • USC @ Stanford...the Trojans struggled to put away Syracuse in the Dome, but overcame sloppy play to win comfortably. Stanford barely got past San Jose State. If USC is a true contender, they should win easily.
  • Wake Forest @ Florida State...while the Demon Deacons are no great juggernaut, the Seminoles have mauled 2 FCS opponents. Count me not impressed. Same as USC...if the real deal, should dominate an easy win at home.
  • Notre Dame @ Michigan State...easily the most anticipated game just because of history. I'm thinking this will be a snooze fest, close game, showing neither squad to be particularly good or bad. The Spartans take a close one at home.
  • Texas @ Ole Miss...This should be David Ash's coming out party against an actual Div 1 opponent, but alas, their only playing the Runnin Rebels, who dispatched mighty UTEP at home 28-10...wait, that's a very similar score to OU's beatdown of the Miners on the road, so that would make Ole Miss almost as good as the Sooners...

    Sorry, drifted off into lala land for a moment. As I was saying, the Rebs suck, so if Ash and company can muster ANY kind of offense, the Longhorns should win on the road without much difficulty, relative to the kind of difficulty you would have winning Div 1 football games while starting a high school JV quarterback.
  • TCU @ Kansas...wow, how's this for getting your first Big 12 game served up on a platter? "Mr Horned Frog, would you like salad or fries with that?"
  • Florida @ Tennessee...easily the 2nd best game on the agenda, unless you're an SEC fan, in which case it is one of 12 great games on the schedule. Florida quickly learned what we in the Big 12 already knew...no deficit is too great as long as you still have the 2nd half to play against A&M. Tennessee beat NC State, who managed to escape UConn, so I give the edge to Florida on the road.

Then there's a few others that, if you don't have some laundry or knitting to do, might provide some free entertainment:

  • ULM @ Auburn...the Tigers are 0-2 and face the upstart Warhawks, who shocked Arkansas and knocked their starting QB out of this weeks game against Bama (which is why that impending slaughter did not make the list).
  • Navy @ Penn State...can the Nittany Lions get their first win in the post-Paterno era? Most likely, but the way things are going it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't.
  • Arizona State @ Missouri...not a conference game, therefore wouldn't mind seeing the Tigers go down.
  • Texas A&M @ SMU...see Arizona State @ Missouri.
  • ULL @ Oklahoma State...OSU dropped like a rock from the rankings after getting housed by penalties and turnovers at Arizona. The Ragin Cajuns could provide a test (as they have in the past) if the Cowboys come out flat. Look for Orange Nation to get very restless if OSU doesn't make a statement.
That's it, and I stretched it just to make it look presentable. Chime in if you think I missed any games of universal importance. Conference games need to get going in full force. Please.
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