OSU vs ISU: Bold Predictions

"Speak of the devil and he shall appear." - Richard Rowe-US PRESSWIRE

New weekly feature with CRFF staff and your #CRFFBoldPrediction of the week!

Each week I will be posting the Cowboys Ride For Free Bold Predictions for the upcoming game. Along with our staff predictions, I will be going to Twitter and finding my favorite predictions from you! Have a prediction? Let us know with #CRFFBoldPrediction! Then check back on Friday to see if your #CRFFBoldPrediction made the list!

This weeks CRFF Bold Predictions guest is Kelly Hines, OSU beat writer of the Tulsa World.

Staff Predictions:

Robert Whetsell -

Chelf completes less that 50% of his passes and is replaced by Walsh.

Gundy makes a bad personnel decision, either playing someone or not playing someone.

Cade Webb -

38-17 final with Chelf Starting and playing the entire game.

Rennie Childs gets the majority of the carries.

Graham Coffelt -

Final Score: 30 - 7 with Walsh as the starter.

Grogan goes 3 for 3 with a long of 47 yards.

Rennie Childs all purpose touches for 127 yards and 2 TD's, 1 receiving and 1 rushing.

Walsh doesn't throw a single pick.

Diamond formation is used on all but two drives.

Cory Treece -

Jhahuan Seales re-emerges and has 8 or more catches for over 100 yards.

HatcoCowboy -

Walsh comes in during the second quarter and racks up 300+ yards.

ChrisRoss.Sports -

Josh Stewart amassed return yards > ISU rushing yards.

Clint Chelf will have more rushing yards than Jeremy Smith.

Steve Dodson -

Chelf starts and plays most of the game while Walsh is used in the redzone and short yardage situations.

Smith starts but Childs ends up with most carries.

Taylor York -

OSU offense upgrades redzone efficiency with at least two scores, one by passing and one rushing.

Steven Mandeville -

Cowboys win 35-14 via Chelf career day of 300+ yards with 3 TDs

Evan G. Jones -

Cowboy Defense forces 3 turnovers, 2 of which are caused by Shaun Lewis.

Twitter Sound-off - #CRFFBoldPrediction:

I bet 2 of these are by Stewart.

Pulling a page from Danny O'Shea's Little Giants playbook I see...


This is perfect.


This would be the best day.

The most bold prediction by far...

Well, that is a given...

Somehow, this makes sense to me.

Bold indeed.

This is just silly...

The Walshing Machine... Ha.

No, he won the internet.

Please. PLEASE!

I said BOLD predictions...

Great prediction here...

Epic @clintosu.

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