Interviewing Kliff Kingsbury

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

I had a chance to sit down and interview the Red Raider head coach this week. When I say interview, I mean the way Thayer Evans and Sports Illustrated do it. It got a little weird, and a little awkward, but I got it all on tape.

Did you have second thoughts about becoming a head coach at such a young age, and what does being at Texas Tech, your alma Mater, mean to you?


That's great Coach.
Texas Tech is ranked 15th in the nation, but opened up as a home underdog to Oklahoma State. What do you think about that?


Neither does anyone else Coach. The public considers you a heavy favorite, and the line has been bet up to TTU being favored by 2.5 points.


Um, sure.
In Mike Gundy's press conference this week you were referred to as a heartthrob, so we showed your picture to a few women and they all had the same general reaction.


Do you know you have this effect on women?


So what's your secret?


Okay, good advice.
Let's talk a little football. Surprisingly, in your first year you have turned Texas Tech into a Big 12 contender. Everyone knows about the TTU offense, but I think most were surprised you showed up with a defense.


But after your loss to OU, some are wondering about that defense.


What do you have to say to the people that question whether or not the Red Raider defense is legit?


Whatever you say Coach.
Even though you lost to the Sooners I think most people were impressed by Tech. Especially with your play calling. Can we expect more plays like the surprise onside kick this week?


That's great Coach, but can you put your clothes back on?


Um, it's just a little awkward.
Getting back on track, the last couple of years haven't gone so well against the Pokes. Texas Tech has lost by a combined 98 points the last two years. Typically by the 3rd quarter most fans are just wishing for it to be over.


And by the time the 4th quarter starts they are delirious.



I'm sorry coach. I know this year you are working to change all that. You took to Twitter this week asking fans to dress up and to get weird.

What do you expect the student section to be like Saturday night?


That's what I'm afraid of.
My last topic Coach, The Oklahoma State newspaper published a rather vulgar headline about the Red Raiders this week. On behalf of Cowboy Nation, I apologize. Does Red Raider Nation have anything to say to the Daily O'Collegian?


I think we all agree Coach.
Well, I think that about does it. Thank you for your...


I'm sorry Coach, that's all the questions I have for you today. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to sit down with me today. Bye.


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