OSU vs TTU #CRFFBoldPredictions

I hope we see lots of this again on Saturday. - Ronald Martinez

With a tough game in Lubbock this week, and the low hanging fruit of all that is Kliff Kingsbury, I was expecting some good predictions. I was right.

I can't hardly focus on anything but the game this weekend, so let us jump right in to this weeks predictions!

Our guest this week is Kyle Porter of Pistols Firing Blog.  Kyle is also the writer of Eye On Golf on CBSSports.com.  Be sure to check out PFB and CBS for Kyle's great work!

CRFF Staff Predictions:

Robert Whetsell -

Walsh comes into the game and saves the day.

Either the defense or the special teams will score a TD.

Cade Webb - 

Daytawion Lowe has a HUGE game and keeps Jace Amaro honest all game when in man coverage.

Chelf passes for 2 TD's and the Walshing Machine makes another appearance with a TD.

Desmond Roland runs for 2 more and the defense forces 3 turnovers.  Ok State wins 38-27.

Cory Treece -

Defense creates three turnovers and scores at least one TD.

Chelf gets replaced by Walsh in the 2nd half and redeems himself.

HatcoCowboy -

Charlie Moore and Clint Chelf both receive a near equal amount of passing yards.

Walsh comes into the game and leads the team in rushing.

Cowboys force 4+ turnovers and score at least one TD from a kick/punt return.

Taylor York -

Gilbert gets two interceptions.

Two Cowboy's throw for TD's: Chelf and Charlier Moore (same play as the TCU game)

Steven Mandeville -

Tech O runs into a brick wall and there will be more tortillas on the field than Tech has rushing yards (less than 100)

Pokes shut down a one dimensional offense and win 28-17.

Evan G. Jones -

Cowboys grind out 250+ yards of rushing on a putrid Tech rush defense.

Predictions from the twitterverse:

Lots of Walsh love this week...

A rousing round of QB musical chairs...

Is it tacky to post my own... Probably.

Haha... Indeed...

Nothing bold here... Just true!

Whets gettin REAL bold with it...

With that much gel, not possible...

This would be tops...

This would be interesting... A 6 page photo shoot with 45 pages of ads.

Oh my gosh this would be insane... The Jones would be silent and the state of Oklahoma would erupt...

Hey now... Lets not get crazy...

Love the celebrity couple name here...

Wow... That is insane...

Haha... Please no.  It would definitely distract the ladies in the stadium though...


Our first Uni prediction... I think it's a good call...


Thank you to all who participated this week!  Have some more #CRFFBoldPredictions?  Keep it going on Twitter or let us know in the comments!

Beat Tech!

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