LET'S GET THIS THING STARTED: 5 Reasons We Really Don't Like Baylor

Brett Deering

There's a certain "ness" to those boys down in Waco that we just don't like.


Everybody has had that moment when they meet an attractive person. Someone that they find desirable, maybe enough to even take them on a few dates. Then it happens. Somebody significantly more attractive walks in the room. And you completely forget about that mildly attractive person. I think at it's core, this is why we as OSU fans don't like Baylor.

1. See, Oklahoma State has enjoyed playing the darling of the Big 12. The hot little number that came to town, bringing top 3 offenses to the conference for the last 3 years. Only to see some new 40+ point offense come and steal the hearts of the college football world and 4 star receivers.

That's as rational as I can be in a discussion of why we don't like Baylor. Illogically OSU doesn't like Baylor because:

2. Bob Griffin III took Brandon Weeden's Heisman. And he's terrible (when he plays OSU). I'm not so diluted to think that had RG3 not won the Heisman, that Weeden would have (he wasn't invited). But it really felt that way.

side note: Bob's stats vs. the Pokes (and they don't look very Heisman appropriate sans mop duty on our 3rd teamers)

RG3 Stats Score through 3 Quarters Final Robert's Passing Stats Robert's Rushing Stats Times Robert pretended to be hurt:
2010 41-14 55-28 30/48 for 267 yds, 0 TD's, 1 Int 9 carries for 15 yards, 1.7 avg irrelevant
2011 49-3 59-24 33/50 for 425, 1 TD, 2 Int's 16 carries for 27 yards, 1.7 avg 17 times (every incompletion)


3. What the heck are top 10 basketball players going there for?? The prince of Valpo comes in after the program is tragically wiped out and now they're stealing Kansas and Duke's recruits? They do have this working for them but come on.. Or the fact that they haven't won a conference championship since before their parents were born? The rich tradition in Waco Basketball: 1948 Championship Game attendee. (What closet was Hank Iba in when this happened? We owned the 40's)

4. In the lede I alluded to a "ness" that we just don't like. We see it in stuff like this. I find this intangible to be something associated with the likes of Oklahoma and Texas. It's why we like K-State and don't hate Iowa State. There's a down to earth nature about our fan bases and a conservative approach from the universities that we love about the state schools. I think aTm and Nebraska had/have this as well. BU, with it's new stadium, 5 star wide receivers, and their 49-19 Alamo Bowl Rings, are headed towards being a pretty toolish group of fans.

5. 47 yards with one functioning hamstring. While outrunning the fastest player on our team.

Lache Seastrunk 76-yd TD on One Leg (via nick pants)

Let me qualify this dislike: I wouldn't say this a dislike compared to OU. When we beat Baylor, we don't feel like an elephant quit sitting on our chest, it's like that fly that gets in your vehicle while you're driving that you can't get rid of, and it finally flies out the window after you risked your life multiple times going 75mph.

According to this OSU Fan Survey by @okcdave completed before the start of this season, Baylor is tied for least favorite B12 team with the University of Oklahoma and Texas Tech. Ouch. We like Baylor about as much as we like Kenny Stills' haircuts and Jermaine Gresham crossing patterns.

Disclaimer: Secretly, I love that Baylor is in the B12. As a fan, it's enjoyable to develop rivalries and dislike the teams in your conference, and I certainly am growing in that respect toward the Waco Cubs.

ps: Can we get a river to flow by our brand new stadium?

This guy....


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