WEEK 13 BIG 12 POWER POLL: Let the hate flow from within...

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

While he held his tongue (at least here he did. The comments in another post, not so much), I think King is really storing it up for Picks from Joe's later this week. I, on the other hand, did not.

Here's King's assessment...

1: Baylor- I can't wait til Picks this week.

2: Oklahoma State- Can we be this years 2011 Iowa State? God I hope so.

3: Kansas State- It's a Power Poll right?

4: Oklahoma- So that first half against Iowa State, yeah guess Bell is done. For now........

5: Texas- I actually felt bad for Case McCoy, and I don't feel bad for many people.

6: Texas Tech- So you held your own for a bit. Then you didn't.

7: Texas Christian- Long year boys, long year.


9: West Virginia- Long year boys.

10: Iowa State- I'll crack a cold one Saturday and pour some out in your honor.

And mine...

1. Baylor

Didn't jump Ohio State this week? Tough shit. You're gonna have to be on the block a lot longer than one season to get past a tradition rich program that doesn't have to use a tarp to cover empty seats. And don't worry, after a quick trip to Stillwater you won't have to worry about that nasty old BCS stuff anymore.

2. Oklahoma State

I'm confused. We were favorites. Then we stunk. Then we struggled. Then we whipped people's asses on their home turf. In front of other people. And now it's time to deal with a team that OSU fans either don't care all that much about or really dislike. Just remember this Baylor...you needed a Cowboy squad fresh off an emotionally draining Bedlam loss, it's 2nd road game in consecutive weeks, and a pick 6 to nail down a win last year in Waco. This time you're getting the almost identical team in Stillwater, and OSU won't likely be asleep at the wheel. The fans definitely won't be.

3. Texas

You're getting this spot because you beat OU, and managed to get past Kansas State before Snyder figured things out. Don't feel bad. OSU took down the BCS, so exorcising Brown was no biggie. Besides, they removed any chance Mack might hang around by going undefeated. The Cowboys did you a big favor.

4. Oklahoma

You get to hang out here until you lose to Kansas State. Is Bob's seat getting warm?

5. Kansas State

Snyder once again working his magic. Could end up being his best job ever if they take down OU.

6. Texas Tech

Amazing what a few weeks can do for your high hopes.

7. TCU

You're lucky. You didn't lose to Kansas. West Virginia did.

8. Kansas

Got nothing. Took enough just to type #8 in front of "Kansas" that wasn't a reference to baskeball.

9. West Virginia


10. Iowa State

Please beat Kansas. I really like you guys. Don't like you being here.

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