PEOPLE OF THE TARP: the Baylor Bandwagon

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

With such sudden success on the gridiron, inexperienced fans appear to be struggling to find more sophisticated ways to demonstrate their support.

Baylor's flashy offense is bringing sexy back.


and if you haven't noticed the Baylor Bandwagon is getting a little full.


Never before have so many Baylor fans been glued to the TV during a game.


Everybody's rushing out to replace their burnt orange with green and gold.


Even the cheerleaders can't go out without being asked for an autograph anymore.


It's even harder for Baylor's other sports to get noticed.


So, why is Baylor relevant after a century of bottom feeding? Art Briles. Without him the Bears would still be puking down their leg and wallowing in their own filth.
In an effort to keep him from going to Texas, Baylor had a statue commissioned of Coach with a young fan. They wanted to show how important he is to the future of the school... although, I'm not sure it's sending the message they intended.


There are so many new fans, they're going through some growing pains.
Such as, not everyone has mastered the art of tailgating.


The Baylor Line is much longer than it used to be.


The older Baylor fans are not use to all the attention.


They really don't understand how to tailgate. (For future reference, tanning your front butt is frowned upon)


The latest bandwagon fans don't know what the Baylor tarp is... but MY GOD MAN, this is NOT it! And DEFINITELY don't take it off!


Before only visitors showed up to a Baylor game, now you can always tell when it's game day in Waco.


It's harder to find your car after the game than it used to be.


Seriously, Someone teach them how to tailgate. I'm not sure what game this is... but I don't want to play.


Some bandwagoners are trying to prove their fandom by fighting an actual bear. (this is not recommended)


The Baylor faithful are so excited they'll buy anything green. They don't care what it is or if they need it. If it's green, it goes in the cart.


If you're thinking about jumping on the Baylor Bandwagon, we warn you, don't drink the Kool-Aid.


Oh, and as it turns out, something was under the tarp after all.


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