WEEK 11 BIG 12 POWER POLL: Enjoy this, because King hates Lubbock

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Kansas is no longer a unanimous pick for last, which means the Cyclones have become a punch line.

King's prognosis...

1: Baylor- For at least one more week they enjoy the top spot.

2: Texas- Hell, figured they'd of fired Mack by now, but instead they might win the conference.

3: Oklahoma State- I said I needed to see us do something to move back up, and Saturday I saw something. Only reason we're above OU, we beat Tech worse than they did, and we did it on the road.

4: Oklahoma- Win Thursday, enjoy second in the conference.

5: Texas Tech- Well, there went that. I like Kingsbury, I hate Lubbock. That pisses Tech fans off. So I really hate Lubbock

6: West Virginia- They might just make a bowl game yet.

7: Kansas State- Really glad we already played these guys. Not that I think they're great, but Snyder is a devil.

8: Texas Christian- Weren't they pick as co-champs preseason? Rough year. Will Patterson turn it around next year?

9: Kansas- Look at that Jayhawks, like 4 weeks out of last.

10: Iowa State- Here's your sign.

Here's my assessment...

1. Baylor...enjoy this, because Cupcake Road is about to get a bit bumpy, and we saw what happened to Tech once actual opponents showed up on the schedule. You may want to hide under that tarp before this is done. I can only hope.....

2. Texas...Enjoy this, just don't stumble around with West Virginia for most of 3 quarters like you did with Kansas, cuz Dana >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Weiss. Oh yea, and we'll see you in Austin next week to discuss that "fumble."

3. OU...enjoy this, because you're about to face a REAL offense, and their QB>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Case McCoy. BTW, I'm rooting for you about as hard as I ever have, and if my Mom was alive she would let me know how disappointed she is in me. You're lucky I dislike Baylor way more than you.

4. OSU...enjoy this and take the week off. Well sorta. Kansas is coming to town, and if Texas is any kind of example, you only need to play about a quarter and a half to blow them out. Then you can set about planning your revenge for the "fumble."

5. Texas Tech...enjoy this, cuz with what appears to be a little resurgence from Kansas State, the rest of your schedule features teams that excel at RUNNING the football. This may be dejavu all over again....

6. Kansas State...enjoy this, as it looks like Snyder is figuring things out for a late season surge with a little help from the schedule. Three out of the four remaining games are eminently winnable.

7. West Virginia...enjoy this, as Dana also appears to be figuring some things out. The Longhorns make the trek to Morgantown this week, but after that it's Kansas and Iowa State. The Mountaineers could become bowl eligible, and some folks are calling for the upset of Texas.

8. TCU...enjoy this, because it can't get much worse (even if you lose 2 of the last 3). Injuries and sloppy play have doomed you this season, but another year of Big 12 recruiting should pay dividends, as depth is still your biggest obstacle.

9. Iowa State...enjoy this, as you haven't lost to Kansas yet.

10. Kansas...enjoy this...Wiggins is on the cover of ESPN magazine. Oh yea, you still have Iowa State on your schedule. Too bad it's in Ames.
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