A VERY early look at OSU's 2013 schedule.

Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman

Hell, the spring "game" hasn't even happened yet. That didn't stop me last year from reviewing the 2012 schedule WAY before we had ANY idea what was going on, so here I go again...

I have to say I had fun reviewing my comments on last year's schedule that were published WAY back in February 2012. You can see those here. I'll pat myself on the back for getting Baylor "right."

As for 2013, let me not waste any more time...

  1. "@" Mississippi State
    I don't care what anyone says, this is a road game. You can call us the "home" team all you want, this ain't in BPS. Anyone want to wager that this will be the exact opposite of last year's opening scrimmage? The Bulldogs are no cupcake, and I can completely understand Gundy's hesitation in playing this game right out of the gate.

    While we were so enamored with what might happen in the post-Weeden era at QB, we shouldn't have any qualms going into this season. Running back is a bit of a question mark, but I think the Cowboys will be fine. The defense, however, will be on full display IMMEDIATELY. We will all be anxiously watching for the new "aggressive" style of play to show up in big moments. No better opportunity than a decent SEC opponent to start the season.

  2. @ UTSA
    Remember what happened after Georgia in 2009?

    That's not going to happen here.

    I will be excited to see a former HS classmate and former Cowboy walkon Eric Roark in action as one of the assistants for UTSA. Lots of OSU connections here, which why this game is being played.

  3. vs Lamar
    I know Gundy wants wins, but can't we at least invite some mid-major types? We need games that force our guys to show up for at least the first half.

    Worst case scenario...2-1 heading to Morgantown.

  4. @ West Virginia
    Hey Holgs, want one of our QB's?

    OSU's first conference visit to the couch burning capital of the world should be interesting, with the Red Bull Express fresh off an absolute ass whipping of an introduction to life in the Big 12. With Geno Smith gone, as well as Bailey and Austin, one might think this to be not that tough of a venture.

    Keep in mind Dana's system churned out decent college QB's at Tech and Houston,

    The question is can he locate anything resembling a defense.

  5. vs Kansas State
    Talk about a crap shoot.

    Life in Manhattan without Colin Klein.

    Insert Bill Snyder and I'm uncomfortable no matter what. Fortunately, this tilt is in Stillwater.

  6. vs TCU
    I'm very happy that they have to come back to BPS for a 2nd year in a row. The Frogs are well coached and will adjust to life with the big boys, especially as recruiting for them improves.

  7. @ Iowa State
    See 2011. Nuff said.

  8. @ Texas Tech
    Expect OSU to record a "turkey."

  9. vs Kansas
    For those Jayhawk fans looking to 2012 as a potential sign of hope....


  10. @ Texas
    Can the Foghorn Leghorns possibly go through another season with such consistently shitty QB play?

    Doesn't matter cuz they walked away from BPS in 2012 with a win. You can continue to believe that OSU got screwed, but the fact is our defense HAD them, and let them escape TWICE.

    Texas will always have good athletes, so this will be no gimme. The good part of this is that there are players for OSU who can remember WINNING in Austin.

  11. vs Baylor
    Last season's brutal finish will be made up for by this season's very favorable finish, with 3 out of 4 games in the friendly confines of BPS.

    This one is key, and let's just say the Bears better have some extra padding in their uni's, because OSU will be bringing plenty of "payback" energy to this one, no matter the results of the prior week.

    My hatred of OU is born out of sibling rivalry, but in the end there is a fondness for the bully who is no longer so scary.

    I just plain hate Baylor.

  12. vs Oklahoma
    For me, no game brings more potential intrigue, more so from OU's perspective.

    No more Landry.

    It seems as if the Sooners are going through a bit of a transition of sorts, struggling a bit with recruiting and coaching. However, just like Texas, talent will always be present, and we know all too well that Bedlam can never be predicted.
Let it be said here first...OSU is going 12-0. There is not a single game on this schedule that they can't win, and with only 1 or 2 exceptions they will be favored going into the season. Obviously injuries and luck will be key, but if you look at just the Big 12, I'm going to be shocked if the Cowboys are not picked to win, and they should. OSU will start the season with the most talent overall on both sides of the ball, never mind 3 QB's that could start anywhere in the Big 12. I can't wait to see the offense in the hands of Yurcich, and I am anxious to see if all the chatter about defensive aggressiveness holds weight.

That being said, the "old" fan in me still prefers flying a bit under the radar.

And while I'm not one to "wish away" the time, August 31 can't get here quick enough.


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