SUNDAY MORNING RECAP: A terrible Saturday lived up to its billing.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe the NFL can cover for what was an awful Saturday of College Football.



With the exception of another "impressive" Baylor offensive display against a bum, this conference sucks. Big time.

Bye weeks for OSU and OU deprived viewers of the only other team that is fun to watch on offense, and the only other team besides OSU and Baylor that might be any good.

The league's marquee game was entertaining as much for it's display of incompetence (including the refs) as it was for its competitiveness.

The tweets say it all...

The Longhorns were in control thanks to a mysterious game plan from Snyder, or maybe he was just confused as to which squad of crap to put on the field. Lockett and Hubert are clearly the class of the team, but their collective drop (a little on the QB) and fumble cost KState a chance to win this game.

And that says a lot about Texas.

The Snydercats were uncharacteristically sloppy with turnovers and penalties, but still managed to keep the game in doubt until the end. In fact, if there had been 5 more minutes, I'm not sure the Longhorns would have hung on. Both teams are happy that a bye week awaits them. UT lost David Ash for the second half with a recurrence of concussion like symptoms, as well as LB Jordan Hicks to an ankle injury. They are lucky their next game is a trip to Iowa State, although trips to Ames on Thursday or Friday nights are never that simple. The Wildcats must regroup and get ready for a trip to Stillwater on 10/5.

Despite all the bad, there is still this hope for Texas (As long as Ash is healthy)...

While the bye week deprived us of OSU and OU, we were also spared TCU and Iowa State. Texas Tech was horrible vs Texas State, managing one DEFENSIVE TD in the first half before pulling away. West Virginia looks to join the battle for last place in the conference, getting blasted by "powerhouse" Maryland on the road. They can't be very excited about the Cowboys coming to Morgantown next week. Kansas was a predictable disaster, needing a 52 yd FG as time ran out to snap a 22 game losing streak to FBS opponents against La. Tech.

This is truly an awful season for Big 12 football. But they are not alone.


All across college football, the top teams notched unimpressive wins over an extremely weak list of opponents, with the possible exception of LSU, although I wouldn't trot Auburn out as some tremendous threat, especially when Miles and Co. had home field. Sorry folks, you don't get points for scoring 70+ on teams Kansas might beat.

The SEC is the exception, with Bama, LSU, aTm, and maybe Georgia and South Carolina. Big 10 has ... well ... I guess Ohio State, maybe Wisconsin. Pac 12 has Oregon and probably Stanford. The ACC has Clemson, maybe Florida State. Sorry Louisville, you're getting no love on this list right now.

The mass mediocrity is alarming.


The most interesting thing that happened this past week was Cleveland's trade of former first round pick Trent Richardson to Indy for a future 1st round pick. While the details of the transaction can be debated (1st rnd draft picks for RB's in today's NFL), there is no argument about the results.

Cleveland is bailing out big time for the future, and Indy definitely got better.

The schedule this weekend has some interesting matchups, including Rams-Cowboys, Packers-Bengals, Giants-Panthers, and Texans-Ravens among the 1pm est games. Colts-49ers is the cream of the crop for the late games. Sunday and Monday night offerings are not required viewing.

Let's be glad that, by the time OSU has another bye week (10/12), the rest of college football will be well into their conference schedules. At least we will get the Red River "slap & tickle" fest that weekend.


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