BASKETBALL RECAP: Baylor 76, Oklahoma State 70

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

A season that started with so much promise suddenly finds itself on the brink, Iowa State on Monday is now the line in the sand, and it all happened in front of prized hoops recruit Myles Turner.

The Cowboys, with the exception of Markel Brown and Le'Bryan Nash, never looked comfortable and Marcus Smart was once again as harmful as he was helpful, as OSU drops to .500 in the conference.

Nash and Brown were a combined 16-23 (Brown was 6-8 from 3) and kept OSU close until a three and a steal and dunk put it away with less than a minute to play. The rest of the Cowboys shot just 7-27 (0-13 from 3).

OSU was never in any kind of offensive rhythm, and couldn't keep track of Baylor's 3pt shooters, leaving Brady Heslip wide open a number of times.

The rumor that Gary Gaskins was actually a phantom was put to bed with an appearance in the first half. While he had no touches, he looked athletic and it was great to see another bigger body on the floor. He soon sat down never to be seen again.

The Cowboys now HAVE to win against Iowa State on Monday night, and they showed no sign today of escaping the funk that seems to have engulfed them since the injury to Cobbins. The team really needed to go 3-1 over this 4 game stretch, but are now in danger of going 0-4 as not even the game at Tech looks easy. If we look at the rest of the schedule:

Feb 3 9:00 PM ET
Feb 8 9:30 PM ET
Feb 11 7:00 PM ET
Feb 15 2:00 PM ET
Feb 17 9:00 PM ET
Feb 22 1:30 PM ET
Feb 24 7:00 PM ET
Mar 1
  • vs
  • #6 KU
9:00 PM ET
Mar 3 9:00 PM ET
Mar 8 2:00 PM ET

As I said in this video recap after the loss to OU, this team is in trouble of not winning 20 games, with only three games left that SHOULD be won. They do NOT look good. At 4-4, unless OSU finds something positive, they will likely end up with a LOSING RECORD in the Big 12.

Can you imagine this team ending up in the NIT?

Say what you want about execution, but this is all on the coach. I've never seen so much talent (3 NBA draft picks and one of the best 3 pt shooters in the country) play such undisciplined, sloppy basketball. Marcus Smart doesn't appear to be doing anything but trying to improve his draft stock that has taken a bit of a hit in the past couple of weeks. How can this team not destroy a 2-3 zone? They show little sense for space or passing lanes on offense, and don't consistently execute anything in the half court.

I could reel off a list of coaches much less famous than Eddie Sutton that wouldn't tolerate what we're seeing. Travis Ford needs to get this bunch back under control and figure out something, hell anything, that will cure their half court woes.

Not time yet to circle the wagons, but it's getting damn close.


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