REAL SB NATION LOGOS: Branding the Big 12

We had a little fun with our CRFF logo, but now we do some heavier lifting by re-envisioning our fellow Big 12 versions.

This is going to be fun! Yesterday we announced we would be updating some of the SB Nation Blog logos. ESPN, the Big 12, and even OU updated their look recently. We didn't want to be left out, so we set out to create logos that more accurately reflect the school each blog covers. Well, at least how we see them anyway.

We re-branded ourselves first, but now it's time to really have some fun. It's time to re-brand the Big 12 Schools.


Bill Snyder is a fantastic coach. A true legend, so when he speaks you listen, and there's one thing he continues to promote through the years....  He once won a Cotton Bowl. (Seriously, it's like he can't take the jacket off)  We thought their logo should pay homage to that (besides, like Kingsbury, he doesn't take bad pictures), and we also threw in some more mascot related logos as well. Which one do you think best says"K-State"?


If somebody could please find goofy pics of Kingsbury or a half-eaten tortilla, we'd appreciate it.


We could probably do a hundred different ones around Dana. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much longer he will be around for us to do so. His seats has to be getting a little warm.

This has been football focused, but we couldn't avoid a couple for Huggy...

What would a new West Virginia SB Nation logo be without a little couch burning...

But in the end, I don't think anything says West Virginia more than their mascot, the Mountaineer...


For a school with an empassioned coach and a frog for a mascot (not to mention those special substances), it wasn't easy to get real creative here...


It's out with the old, and in with the new for the Longhorns. It's hard to create a logo around a team when you don't quite know what to expect out of them. I guess these will have to do.

When you see it...

Couldn't resist this one...


Between big men coaching and the embarrasment that is KU football, this was just too easy...


Bob is always a favorite, but the green-haired guy who was living under the tarp showed up last season and I don't think we can live without him...

Those are good, but we need a logo that depicts their unwavering ability to fall flat on their face, right when you think they're actually going to make it...

And just when you think it can't get any better...


Finally, the annoying neighbors down south. I have a feeling this isn't going to help my banned status over at Crimson & Cream Machine...oh well.

I expect big things out of OU this season, but until they live up to the hype, we'll create some logos to help keep them humble.

OU has been in the news for a couple of things this week. The Sooners landed standout WR Dorial Green Beckham, who was searching for a home after being dismissed from Mizzou. The dismissal came after multiple incidents involving, among other things,  robbery and assaulting a female...allegedly.  Oklahoma also unveiled a new alternate uniform with some odd detail.  Branded with the hashtag #BringTheWood, there is wood grain detailing in the helmets. It's an interesting choice, and took me a second to figure out what it could be referring to...

Oh dear...


Oops, almost over-looked the Cyclones. Always have to be careful not to do that. Oh Iowa State, how I hate to love you.

And of course we know who lives under that stadium...probably sleeps under those damned goal posts...

Now its your turn. Download the template of your choice, and post your creations in the comments, or tweet them to @CowboysRFF using #RealSBNationLogos!

Big shout out to Robert Whetsell for helping me throw together a lot of these.

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