Is The SEC In Denial Over The HUNH Offense?


Former Big 12 members Missouri and Texas A&M have had big impacts utilizing the hurry up no huddle offense in a conference that prides itself on 'grown man football'.

Scipio Tex with SB Nation's Texas blog, Barking Carnival, outlines how the SEC is in denial over the effectiveness of the HUNH. It's a good read.

The SEC Is Still in Schematic Denial, Praying That The Hurry-Up, No-Huddle Spread Will Go Away
"If the HUNH spread is the perfect enabler of basketball on grass, imagine a basketball defense that stares at the sideline mouthing,"It's not fair!" every time the opponent decides to fast break. Identifying the stupidity of this and the coach's inability to impart defensive principles rather than heavy-handed play-by-play instruction should be glaringly obvious."
"Yet most of the SEC continues on, pretending it's not happening."

The Story of Darrell Williams is Incredible!


Chicago Magazine has a tremendous profile on the Derrell Williams story.

From the article...

His dream survives even now, even after everything that has happened, even after all the indignities he has endured. In the dream, he rises in his graduation gown, cloaked in the black and orange of the school he loves. An announcer intones the names, his voice reverberating in a packed auditorium. One after another, the graduates clutch the dean’s hand and grasp their diplomas. On this day, Darrell Williams is just another student, a little taller than most, but just another face in a sea of thousands. He moves the tassel from one side of his mortarboard to the other. And he smiles his big smile. The nightmare is over. His honor is restored. He is free.


Williams, who won over almost everyone he met with his kindness. Who not only passed two lie detector tests before he was charged but inspired the polygraph expert to tell his assistant coach, "Sir, I don’t know what happened, but this kid didn’t do it."

Rickie Fowler Had A Fantastic Year


Rickie Fowler is currently 11th ranked PGA player on the planet, and looking at this neat little infograph over at Pistols Firing Blog, it's easy to see why.

Hunter Mahan Wins At The Barclays


Pistols Firing Blog: Hunter Mahan wins The Barclays

Hunter Mahan had a pretty good weekend, and now leads the FedEx Cup Playoff! Go Pokes!

West Virginia and TCU Are Struggling


"Since entering the Big 12, both the Mountaineers and Horned Frogs have failed to carry the weight everyone expected them to. And while Texas A&M and Missouri have gone on to succeed in the SEC, TCU and West Virginia have faltered in the Big 12, further damaging -- instead of salvaging -- the reputation of the conference in the post-conference realignment era. "

Jake Trotter, with ESPN, wrote a fantastic article about the Big 12 conference's problem children. West Virginia and TCU showed a lot of promise coming into the league, but both have fallen on their face. I recommend the read.

Wes Lunt Named Starting QB At Illinois


One time starter at Oklahoma State, Wes Lunt has been named the starting QB for the Fighting Illini. Lunt transfered from OSU after a grotesque knee injury sidelined him; opening up a three way QB competition between Lunt, J.W. Walsh, and Clint Chelf.

Lunt sat on the bench at Illinois last season to satisfy NCAA tranfer rules, but it looks like he's now ready to take the reins. Ironically and hind sight being 20/20, there's a good chance Lunt would have earned the starting role in Stillwater last season, and would be the front runner for this year as well.

2014 Oklahoma State Football Wallpaper For Your Computer


The new desktop wallpapers for the 2014 football season are out. Good thing I don't have to choose just one, since computers can rotate through multiple wallpapers now! Go Pokes!

What the College Football Playoff Would Have Looked Like in Years Past

Ncf_bracket2011_576x324 put together a look at what the college football playoff would have looked like from 2004 to 2013.

2011: This was one of the few years that the committee could have just ordered some pizzas, put their feet up, and mailed in their top four. LSU, which was the only undefeated team left in the country after beating Georgia convincingly to win the SEC title, would have been an easy No. 1. With wins over eight ranked opponents, including Alabama, there should be no doubting the Tigers' strength of schedule. The computer and the eye test also agreed on Alabama, as its lone loss was in overtime to LSU, and Oklahoma State, which won the Big 12 championship by drubbing a ranked Oklahoma team. USC's postseason ban would have made the decision even easier, along with the head-to-head result that Stanford won -- at USC -- albeit in three overtimes. Boise State was the only other one-loss team the committee might consider, but the Broncos lost at home to an unranked TCU team.

Gundy at the Cowboy Caravan


"I have people who keep me very informed," Gundy said. "I’ve probably read more than I have ever in the last few months to keep up with the Jones’ on this information."

Last night Gundy attended the Cowboy Caravan. Before taking the stage though, he had a brief window to speak with the media. Kyle Fredrickson with the Oklahoman was there. He's been killing it lately with his Oklahoma State coverage.

Pistols Firing's "The Transformation of Rickie Fowler"


Kyle Porter with Pistols Firing Blog, knows his golf. Do yourself a favor and go read his article, "The Transformation of Rickie Fowler". It's good stuff.


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