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So BP apparently negotiated hard with JJ for student tickets to the Cowboys Classic. Jerry wanted $29.95. Boone talked him out of $9.95.

Now it's your turn, students.



You will need an ESPN Insider account to read the whole thing, but let's just say Phil isn't buying the Cowboys in 2014, and he makes the usual case about lost contributors. He definitely doesn't mince words and predicts a 7-5 finish for OSU.

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

Oklahoma State Corner Kevin Peterson After Practice


The media caught up with Kevin Peterson outisde of Boone Pickens Stadium on Saturday.

Kevin was asked about the importance of everyone on the team keeping each other focused.

"You don't want to ruin your whole career on one night just going out and having fun." Kevin said. "You don't want to go out and get on the news and do something stupid."

He also spoke about James Washington and Chris Lacy, and how the young receivers have impressed him over fall camp. He's happy with the way the secondary is gelling together as well.

The Cowboys' Good Luck Charm


The Cowboys' key to upsetting Florida State may be in the hands of the equipment manager.

Oklahoma State Hopes To Reload


"These players expect to win and expect to play on a high level," he said. "Confidence builds success, and success brings more success. Our players have been around and have been in the locker room and bowl games and what not. Some of the guys haven't played at this level, but they were around teams that expected to win. I don't think there's any question that that helps."

USA Today: Oklahoma State hopes to reload
When Gundy took over in 2005, little was expected of the Cowboys, especially during rebuilding years. Now, the Cowboys are still considered dangerous by many experts, despite returning just six starters on offense and four on defense from a team that went 10-3 and lost in the Cotton Bowl.

Tim Duffie Talks about the Safeties


Safeties coach, Tim Duffie, took a couple of minutes to answer some questions today. So far, he likes the way the group is coming together and they seem to be ahead of where he thought they would be mentally and physically.


Pushing The Defense: Florida State Looms

Glenn Spencer talks with the media about the state of the defensive unit after practice on Tuesday.

Time For Lego Man To Shine


"Coaching football really is coaching football," Yurcich said. "It’s about relationships and it’s about people and working hard and staying true to your values and who you are."

Oklahoma State’s offense needs to be much better
Last season OSU was buoyed by a defense that ranked in the top 10 in points per drive surrendered but that core is long gone and the offense is the mature group.

Gundy at the Cowboy Caravan


"I have people who keep me very informed," Gundy said. "I’ve probably read more than I have ever in the last few months to keep up with the Jones’ on this information."

Last night Gundy attended the Cowboy Caravan. Before taking the stage though, he had a brief window to speak with the media. Kyle Fredrickson with the Oklahoman was there. He's been killing it lately with his Oklahoma State coverage.

Too Tough Cowboy Trivia


Just how well do you know Oklahoma State University and Cowboy football? Be warned this quiz is tougher than Gundy's hair gel.

James Washington Turning Heads


No player, Tyreek Hill included, has created more camp buzz than Washington.

Oklahoma State football: Freshman James Washington pushing way into crowded receiver mix As teammates and coaches rave about Washington and his almost daily practice exploits, the possibility of Washington becoming a factor – even at the Cowboys’ deepest position – gains steam.

Another Hype Video For Cowboy Football


We are less than three weeks away from the start of the college football season! If your like me and your anticipation is so great that time itself seems to be at a standstill, this isn't going to help.

Comparing Desmond Roland


Desmond Roland has spent 3 and a half years in the stable as a tailback in Stillwater, and it's his turn to bust out and have a tremendous year. But how will this year compare to similar seasons of...

'15 OT Joshua Jones commits to Oklahoma State


The Cowboys locked up their ninth commitment in the class of 2015 with offensive tackle Joshua Jones.

The Quandary of the Diamond - 2014 Edition


In 2013, we caught a glimpse of how powerful the Diamond Formation could be, but will we see it more in the upcoming season?

Gundy Spoke With The Media After Saturday's Scrimmage


MIke Gundy took some time after the scrimmage on Saturday to talk with the media about player developments.

Tyreek Hill continues to progress

Gundy thinks they've had more walk-on's awarded scholarships than any other school in the Big 12

J.W. Walsh is playing well, and made some plays.

Too many penalties were Gundy's biggest concern

Bob Connelly Talks About The Offensive Line


Offensive Line Coach Bob Connelly has his work cut out for him. With so many new names the O-Line is a primary concern for the Pokes headed into the season. The new coach spoke a little bit after practice about how the squad is coming together.

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