Why I Hate Baylor

Are they, or are they not holding hands? - Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

While hatred may not always be rational or fair, it is something that courses through my veins when I hear the words "Baylor" and "Football" in the same sentence.

"Who brought these guys?"

"Where did they come from?"

"How did they get so good?"


These are things that rush through my head on a daily basis when I contemplate where the Baylor football program is today. Also, since this is Baylor hate week, which I thought was every week, I'm gonna fill you in on what grinds my gears with everything green and gold in Waco.

The thing I don't understand about Baylor is, why do they feel like the rest of the conference should kneel at their feet and bow before them? I said it in this week's Baylor podcast that this entire Baylor team and fan base has a sense of entitlement to them. It's almost like they have won 10 conference championships and are the traditional power in this epicenter of college football chaos.

But they haven't won a conference championship, and they are no traditional power.

Where is your Big XII championship ring? Where is your Fiesta Bowl trophy? And even if you end up getting that Fiesta Bowl trophy against Fresno State or Who-The-Hell-Cares University, nobody is going to respect you. You are still the Baylor that I remember from my childhood... otherwise known as Oklahoma State's one easy win every year.

I get it... Oklahoma State is fairly new to this game of "success" too. However, WE WERE HERE FIRST.

Baylor has one largely successful season and all of a sudden you act like you've been dominant for twenty years. Don't think you're just going to walk into Stillwater with your tarps and new found "traditions" and walk out with an easy win. Hath thou forgotten what happened last time Baylor brought a good team to Stillwater?

And don't get me started on Bob. (artist formerly known as Robert Griffin III.)

I can personally guarantee that there will be 58,000+ screaming students, alumni, and various fans that want nothing more than for this team to come out and smack Baylor around for 4 quarters. There is also a team in orange (or black, depending on the day) who wants it even more than we do.

Hell, Baylor didn't exactly run away from those fighting Kansas State Wildcats on the road. They are a much different team, and with the atmosphere in The Boone guaranteed to be foaming at the mouth vicious, who knows what could happen?



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