Oklahoma State Cowboys Golf

Oklahoma State Golf Takes 2nd Place.

The Cowboys have logged several runner up finishes of late, need to get over the hump.

Oklahoma State Men's Golf Team quietly putting together a great season.

The fact that 4 straight wins is only the 6th longest streak in OSU history is a testament to the ridiculous dominance this program has enjoyed over the years.Combine that with the fact that the Cowboys haven't won 5 in a row since 1994-95, and you can see why Holder ushered McGraw out the door. The expectation of excellence/championships is a pretty high bar.

OSU at the Masters: ROUND TWO

Good news/Bad News. Good news: Unlike a certain IBM CEO, all the former Cowboys in this years tournament will be playing golf at Augusta for the next couple of days. Bad news: They've got a...

OSU at the Masters: ROUND ONE

Well, it's April folks. There aren't gonna be a whole lot of sports on except baseball, and unfortunately the less said about Cowboy baseball this year, the better. So until football begins in...

THE BAD THING: Crisis At Augusta National


NCAA Golf Championship: Match Play Day 1 Open Thread

Match Play begins today in the NCAA Championships

Cowboy Golf Hanging In to Top 8 at Nationals Going Into Match Play

The first two rounds of the 2011 NCAA Men's Golf Tournament have been played.  The Cowboys are only in sixth place going into the third and final round of stroke play, which is surprising to all...

Oklahoma State Golf Ready to Take National Championship #51 at Karsten Creek

When talking about our favorite sports teams, especially when they are on the precipice of success, we tend to try not to talk about that team winning until it actually comes to pass because of a...

Cowboy Golf Walks Away With BIG12 Golf Tournament Trophy That Was Never in Doubt

Course architect Perry Maxwell's Prairie Dunes was the site of a Big12 massacree these last three days.  The -10 under par Cowboys fired through Maxwell's beautiful layout on Tuesday broke a...

Open Thread: Big 12 Golf Tournament OR Uncomfortable Pictures of Garth Brooks

Sure, we need a place to discuss the final day of the Big 12 golf tournament, but as of the typing of this sentence the Pokes hold a 19 stroke lead and are a shoe in to take their 5th straight Big...


'Winning': OSU Men's Golf Looks Poised to Claim 5th Straight BIG12 Tournament Title

OSU continues its Big 12 golf dominance in today's Big12 Tournament.

OSU at the Masters IV: Schwartzel Steals the Final, OSU's Bo Van Pelt Finishes Tied for 8th

What a weekend we have had!  Oklahoma State golf has been well represented at Augusta all week with four former or current Cowboy golfers making up the 99 player field. OSU has another top ten...

OSU at the Masters: Day Two at Augusta

The second round of the Masters golf tournament was played under sunny skies, and it was another 8 hours of hard-hitting, bone-crunching, rib-shattering, golf ACTION on the Augusta links. ...

OSU at the Masters: Day One at Augusta

            Hello everyone! Today, Yachoff is pleased to be joining CRFF. This is only the start of many: poorly conceived, obsolete USSR jokes, posts about OSU athletics and culture, n...

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