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Dez Finally Becomes a Cowboy.... again

I know this post is not timely, trending, or anything else a blog is supposed to be, but we must post it for posterity. It is part of the blog honor code.. don't argue with it. I'm sorry that when I pledge allegiance to the blog, I am not just reciting memorized words, it means something to me. Especially the part right after "You must post cute kitten pics" that goes: "And when there is a readily available YouTube video that is closely related to your subject matter, no matter how out of date, it shall be embedded". So I know we all enjoyed this live but at least now we have it in a readily accessible place. Enjoy the required video.

Highlights are of course Dez's reaction, which is somehow heart-wrenching (real term?), touching, and hilarious all at the same time, and the 2:05 mark when the ESPN team cuts to Deion Sanders and quips "Deion.. we know you know Dez well..". Then Deion later saying that he will be a calming influence on Dez. I assume that right after the interview Deion went to the cemetery and took a piss on the headstone marking Ok-State's 2009 season.