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We Have Very Realistic Expectations For Herschel Sims

Meet Oklahoma State's newest 5-star recruit for the 2011 season, Herschel Sims. Despite his his high profile, we here at wastedoptimism are committed to maintaining realistic expectations for the Running Back from Abilene. No.. we will not be swayed into expecting huge things from Herschel Sims just because of the stars next to his name, or his rivals ranking. No sir. We will expect huge things from Herschel Sims because of his name.

Seems like a realistic expectation doesn't it?

Two Heismans? Everything about his name says it will happen. Again, a reasonable expectation. It's just simple math.

I haven't seen who we have recruited at other positions but I have to assume that at qb we are heavily pursuing Peyton Elway and Troy Staubach, at receiver we want Terrell Largent or Jerry Moss, and at linebacker we have to target Lawrence Singletary.